Witness Update: Introducing @mack-bot!

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What does @mack-bot do?

@mack-bot's sole purpose right now is to provide a token or marker downvote on known farming accounts immediately after they publish a post or comment. Currently it is running locally on one of my desktops but I have leased a VPS that my bots and scripts will be moved to in the next few weeks to ensure they run smoothly with a 100% uptime.

@mack-bot is currently leaving comments in reply to both posts & comments that have been downvoted and will do so for the next 14 days. After that it will only downvote to prevent adding unnecessary spam to the block chain. I have over 14,500 accounts on my list and have found one or two that were false positives. I want to ensure that anyone who is downvoted and is not part of a farm can contact me to review their account and remove it from my list.

How can this benefit @spaminator & the community?

While the downvote has no real weight or effect on the the account reputation, post or comment it serves to identify active accounts. @spaminator will use this to follow up with a heavier downvote about 6 days after @mack-bot's downvote to remove any pending rewards.

All community projects and bots are encouraged to follow both @cheetah & @mack-bot votes. By adding code to your bots to check for a flag from either account before upvoting you can help stop these farms from profiting. @minnowbooster is the first community project to follow both bots.

Witness #59

Vote for my witness here.

Wittnesses I vote for and support:


Image by @atopy

Current Projects: @steemcleaners 🙣 @spaminator

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I know you're working behind the scene, members of the community need to know your hard work. I voted up and resteem this post.

Well done job.


Thank you!


Youre very welcome and I will continue to support your project.

Awesome @patrice! I'm glad to see Steemians like you working so hard on making this a more wonderful place. You rock!

you are so awesome, @patrice! I love how hard you work for this community, I can't even understand how dedicated you are!!!!! incredible!


she is more than anyone would think!!! <3

Good stuff Patrice, as always. Well done. You really do have your head in this game!

Great news! Abusers and spamers must be punishes, and Steemit deserves to be a cleaner place. Thank you for doing this hard work. Steemcleaners, Spaminators + mack-bot - it's a hefty bunch of work. My respect!

One month ago I opened "new" and caught 73 such assholes in 1 hour. You can check my old post and maybe find some new names for your list. https://steemit.com/steemit/@erikaflynn/new-abuse-on-steemit-tons-of-meaningless-posts-from-new-users

Resteemed and voted for you as a witness.


I found 490 new accounts from that group yesterday. I'll probably get some more today when they get done posting. @mack-bot has been busy already today.


Mack will lay down the smack!

Hey @patrice - what are farming accounts or comment farms?? How can we identify them? Thanks.

Very cool! Many users of Steemit.com are getting fed up with bot comments and something like this could really help. I was thinking of doing something similar with a "mute list" of sorts which people could crowdsource and use to ignore the noise.

At the same time, I wonder if muting accounts is enough as muted accounts could be voting up their own comments to take from the rewards pool without providing any value and it would be harder to spot if they are mostly muted. Either way, I love seeing innovations like this working to improve things. Well done!


Thank you. I'm working on streamlining some things for @spaminator & @steemcleaners that will get the community projects involved in preventing rewards being paid out to accounts that post spam & other abuse.

The service bots are another problem but I've been on the fence and I really just encourage the community to flag them if they don't like them and upvote them if they do. I don't feel that it should be up to one person or group to decide what is or isn't beneficial to the community in that regard.

I'm going to publish a post under @spaminator soon on the importance of community participation in flagging as a way to provide feedback to bot owners.

Cool! Glad to see all these tools come into being... thanks for all the work you do to keep things "clean" around here.

I imagine (like cheetah) that upvotes from the community are welcomed to help support the venture and give it more "teeth."


Absolutely! I'm not much of a writer but after the 14 days and I stop commenting I'll find time to post a picture of the real "Mack" on occasion.

I didn't know you were a witness! Voting for you now 😁

Patrice is the gift that keeps on giving. Retrofitting health monitoring & response services, liaising with the community, tending appeals & other Discord channels - Zoe's lucky to get a walk at all!

Thanks for everything you do for us, to you and the whole team @ spamminator & SC. I don't do interpretive dance, so to celebrate, here instead, an artistic impression, illustrated in trope, to communicate the net effect of Mack-Bot through image & humour (I hope); a-hem...

farm/sock-puppet/masquerade entities



do the right thing

We do know her works off the Records, i often see people bombarding her with messages and i know how hard it would be to have time for Chitty-chat.

I have a tiny power but i still upvoted and Resteemed with a follow!

Great job Patrice. I'll add @mack-bot to my highlighter algorithm so nothing flagged gets through, although I doubt that either the ssg or vets communities have comment farmers.

Can you explain to me why steemcleaners has decided to downvote our Veteran's bot @shadow3scalpel after being approved by you? You are hurting the veteran's community and haven't given a proper warning or anything.


Fixed it. It shouldn't have been flagged. Gave a couple upvotes to counter @blacklist-a since we don't control it.

Thanks a lot for all your efforts ;-)
Big hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

excellent work ..

To whom it may concern,

When I came to steemit, i came to help spread news that is not shared on MSM. Information not easily available, I made my intentions clear when I gave the introduction on the very first post I posted.

Mostly about the FRAUD that is committed against we the people. That the country is a corporation and that BEing a citizen is the same as being a slave.

I bring the truth to what is going on our Planet. That comes from all over the Earth. I am here to share that information, like a news station. ;-)

That is why I am here patrice.

I get that the platform is about original content, but we can all see that it is about Sharing content in the end game.

Not all of us are content creators nor are all people created to be that. I simply Share information.

In the truest sense of reality nobody owns anything. Everything is energy. All energy belongs to the Creator. WE are all One Energy as billions of level of frequency.

Thought arise from the Creator. We act on those thoughts. Nobody can take anything when they return to Creator. I own nothing.

By now the post (over 2400) I have shared, show my intent. I always give the link of the post.

I am not here to or have I ever made claims on Brother's and Sister's work, I am here to show others that everything is a FRAUD upon mankind. I use this platform as with others to do just that.

I want true FREEDOM for every Brother and Sister on Mother Earth and once that is achieved I want it everlasting for all mankind to come!

I feel this hit upon the reputation is incorrect from a 53 to a 6.



Come talk to me on steemit.chat or Discord about it. You need to change your format or decline rewards I think. The problem is fully copy/paste posts become spammy when everyone does them without adding their own comments and thoughts to them. The post I'm working on now has users posting 100 to 200 a day.

Declining rewards on posts doesn't mean you can't earn rewards for commenting and responding to others. Changing your format to only include quotes from the articles and your own comments works too.