Updates to Spaminator

3년 전

Current Status

Most of you know that @spaminator was started by @patrice in 2017. Patrice is now away and has been away for an extended period of time. As a result, @spaminator and @mack-bot are currently technically operated by @guiltyparties and managed by @steemcleaners members.


If you're getting downvoted by @mack-bot or @spaminator please immediately report over to the @steemcleaners Discord (mack-bot and spaminator section) at: https://discord.gg/kZ56egV

It is very important that you appeal immediately. In some cases the account that's blacklisted is actually hacked and gets mixed in with the culprit's accounts.

We can't process any appeals through comments, private messages, email or otherwise. No proxy appeals (you can't appeal on behalf of someone else). This is to level the playing field. We don't grant special favors to anyone.

Spaminator GitHub Repo

This repo currently houses the updated list of Spaminator comments in addition to some legacy comments that helped shape its scope.


Feel free to submit in Issues whatever you feel is relevant to scope or functionality. No appeals please as we can only process those on Discord.

The Constructive Feedback Form

We recognize that feedback is essential to running a good project and keeping up with the needs of the ecosystem. This is particularly true now in #newsteem. Your feedback, regardless on whether it's positive or negative, is welcome.


How to Use Form

Enter your Steem username or name in the first field so we know what to call you. Enter "anonymous" to remain anonymous.

In the second field, please be as specific as possible so we know what you're talking about. Include relevant links where possible.

  • What are we doing right?
  • What are we doing wrong?
  • What can we do better?

Important Information

Please note that you will not be contacted about your feedback unless your message specifically states that you wish to be contacted. Anything you say will be held in confidence.

Feel free to say whatever is on your mind without censoring yourself. If you write something highly offensive, I'll read it and draw whatever feedback you meant to give out of it and not pass on your exact words. You can't offend me or trigger me into doing anything. I'm pro free speech. Just make sure your message has a point I can actually figure out. ~ @guiltyparties

What the Form is NOT For

This form is not for feedback or information on any other anti-abuse initiatives. There is nothing that @spaminator can do about you being downvoted by any account that is outside of our hands.

This is not the form for appealing the blacklist. To appeal the blacklist please visit the Steemcleaners Discord (mack-bot and spaminator section) at: https://discord.gg/kZ56egV

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Hello! I think this new account needs a look for spam and probably a scam: patrickstayes