Farming on Steem is doing well

3개월 전


A lot of the farmers I used to flag on Steem have immediately started farming after the Hive fork. I don't have the time, Steem Power, or interest to deal with any of it anymore.

Even users like bullionstackers with massive delegation (1M SP) from Steemit Inc are farming comments at 6+ days.

Haejin? He started posting again, he is doing quite well.

Another farmer just using single line quotes to farm $10+ a pop 10 times a day.

Remember Crystaliu, posting like 500 times a day? I flagged him for over a year and removed 99% of his rewards. No one is bothering him now.

Bullionstackers claims he is replacing Steem Cleaners, but he is farming comments with the Steemit Inc delegation, voting for farmers like Haejin & Dobartim, and flagging anyone he dislikes or mentions Hive with 1M SP from Steemit Inc.

A lot of these farmers don't even have to share curation rewards.

The writing is on the wall for Steem, get what you can before it is too late.
This won't be tolerated on Hive.

On Hive, we are building something to last.

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