Smile at life

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                                                                                           Smile at life 

 Teach him to love you, even those days where you feel you are less, that you do not matter and that there is not a bit of self-love in you.   Steal kisses when you get angry, enjoy every smile in the middle of each kiss, you more than anyone know how valuable it is.   Take your hand in difficult times and tell the eyes that they will overcome everything, because you want the best for both of them.   Tell her that she is the woman of your dreams, that you are anxious to love her and start a family.   Kiss her fears and help her fulfill her dreams, kiss her eyes when she cries because you hate her.    Squeeze the cheeks and kiss the forehead to dismiss, because there is no gesture more beautiful than that with which you feel protected to another person.   Do not fail him please, fight with her and make her feel the most important thing in your life, tell her that you want to marry her because in her eyes you see your life.   Repeat the story ... but this time make it a reality, do everything you have to do with me, because you deserve to be happy with her and with any other person that you consider worthy of loving you. 

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