RIPPLE (XRP / BTC) Correction ABC o New Chanel? - RIPPLE (XRP / BTC) Correccion ABC o Nuevo Canal?

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Ripple continues in correction as we mentioned in the previous post

After marking a double roof a few days ago, we see today that it has broken the EMA line of 50 periods 4hs.

Applying an ABC cycle to the correction, we could define a possible price target that would coincide with the 0.618 fibonacci and approximately with the line of 150 periods fibonacci 4hs

To the Low

7200 satoshis approximately

Ripple continua en correccion como ya habiamos mencionado en el post anterior

Despues de marcar un doble techo hace unos dias, vemos hoy que ha roto la line EMA de 50 periodos 4hs.

Aplicando a la correccion un ciclo ABC, podriamos definir un posible objetivo del precio que coincidiria con el 0.618 fibonacci y aproximadamente con la linea de 150 periodos fibonacci 4hs

A la Baja

7200 satoshis aproximadamente

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-03 a las 11.16.18 a.m..png

Another chance

Like many of the crypts in the face of bitcoin indecision, it is possible to lateralize

I have detected the formation of a new lateral channel

The price can range between 9300 and 7700 satoshis approximately

Otra posibilidad

Como muchas de las criptos ante la indecision de bitcoin es posible que lateralice

He detectado la formacion de un nuevo canal lateral

Podiendo el precio oscilar entre los 9300 y los 7700 satoshis aproximadamente

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-03 a las 11.34.02 a.m..png

I await your graphics or your comments.

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