La Madre Monte Myth

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I have read a book by a local investigator and researcher, a distant cousin of mine Flaminio Rivera Castellanos - about the myths and legends of my small Colombian town - Libano, Tolima. Currently, to participate in the wonderful myth contest by @phoenixwren, I will share with all of you a myth that was told to me when I was a child, and I still remember.

Later, with time and a re-reading of the book, I will share the great investigations of Flaminio and his Mito Mineima.

Cuentan los abuelos que cuando eran niños sus abuelos les contaban la historia de la Madre Monte. En una temporada santa cuando la gente debe guardarse y no salir de la casa, una mujer muy hermosa no hizo caso a las advertencias y salió de su casa a una fiesta dejando a sus hijos solos. Se dice que aquella mujer, luego de bailar, tomar y divertirse con hombres borrachos durante toda la noche, regresó hasta el otro día a su casa la cual quedaba bien adentro de monte alejada del pueblo. Aquella desobediente mujer fue sorprendida por la soledad cuando llegó a su casa y todo había desaparecido; su hogar, sus hijos, todo.
Grandparents tell that when they were children their grandparents told them the story of Mother Monte. In a holy season when people should keep to themselves and not leave the house, a very beautiful woman ignored the warnings and left her house to go to a party leaving her children alone. It is said that that woman, after dancing, drinking and having fun with drunken men throughout the night, returned until the next day to her house which was well inside the mountain away from the town. That disobedient woman was surprised by the solitude when she arrived at her house and everything had disappeared; her home, her children, everything.

Drawn by/dibujo por Ledis Arango V. @ecoinstante

La mujer se entristeció, luego enloqueció y terminó enfurecida con los hombres borrachos que la habían distraído del cuidado de sus hijos. Se dice que aquella pobre mujer sigue buscando a sus hijos por todos los montes y mientras busca a sus hijos caza a los hombres borrachos que les da la noche en los caminos. Ella los distrae, los extravía de sus camino y luego los secuestra y los amamanta hasta ahogarlos. En venganza desde día cuando dejó su casa y perdió sus hijos.
The woman became sad, then went crazy and ended up enraged with the drunken men who had distracted her from the care of her children. It is said that that poor woman keeps looking for her children in all the mountains and while she is looking for her children she hunts the drunken men that the night gives them on the roads. She distracts them, strays them from their path and then kidnaps them and nurses them to drown them. In revenge since that holy Friday when he left home and lost his children.

En ocaciones los vecinos rurales la escuchan gritando desesperadamente y diciéndo “mis hijos dónde están mis hijos”
Sometimes rural neighbors hear her screaming desperately and saying "my children where are my children"

Que Dios Los Bendiga! - God Bless You!

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Wow! What a sad myth. :( Thank you for sharing it with us! And I love that you illustrated it, too! <3 Thank you for entering the contest!! :D