Venezuela a country with two president and a crisis that is not seen as a solution.

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As they are reading, Venezuela with two presidents, two supreme courts of justice, two general prosecutors and in several countries two ambassadors representing Juan Guaido and Nicolás Maduro respectively. In which if we are united the vast majority of Venezuelans who are not politicians and we just want to live in peace is that we suffer from the consequences of governance problems that arise in the Venezuelan capital. The darkness covered Venezuela and apparently does not want to leave it, the continuous failures of the electric service is taking its toll and it charges in human life that has been requested in hospitals, the dialysis patients were one of the many victims who charged the failure of the electricity, the shops plundered and, of course, due to the lack of refrigeration, they lost many tons of meat and food that had to be kept frozen. The failure of electricity never comes alone with it comes hand in hand the lack of water supply, if usually water has been a problem for a long time now intensified with this power failure, 3 bags of ice were sold in that days of the electric failure for 5 dollars which is totally illegal since in Venezuela the dollar is not allowed as a currency of commercial exchange, but it was, and if a comparison is made with respect to the basic salary that is a little more of $ 6 a month it is easy to realize that those ice bags were selling it extremely expensive, but that way we are without law or order. In all this chaos the only loser are the Venezuelan citizens and more those who do not have financial help from a relative or friend abroad, it was said that it could not be worse but you know that you can always be worse. Another problem that comes with these electricity failures is the fall of the Internet and lack of access to information, mobile phones are left without signal and the Twitter that is the tool par excellence for information disappears in the darkness of the electrical problem , so it goes dark in terms of information. Politics is a game sometimes macabre if you have doubts of that see games of Thrones and will see it more clearly. Venezuelans just want to live in a normal country and I know that saying normal sounds strange to a Venezuelan since we have years without knowing what that is but we live with the hope that the time comes to have a normal country with a single president who understands who was chosen to serve and not to be served.

Patience is a gift that Venezuelans have developed very well and only what we ask is to have a prosperous country and have decent lives.

Greetings from Venezuela..

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Inevitably, bloodshed will ensue at the highest political level in Venezuela. It is just a matter of time.


We do not want that, but we want a quick and peaceful solution.

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