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Hello friends of the steemit network. My name is Mario Marcial Gómez Gil, I was born in Venezuela in the beautiful city of San Cristóbal Táchira state and I currently live in Caribe state Vargas. I got to know the network by a group of friends who recommended it to me and when reviewing the contents I was struck by the variety of topics published and I think I can provide information of interest to many, mainly the area of knowledge of networking technology and programming in web platform, including database tool management and computer security aspects. Although not only going to do work, I also dedicate free time to nature. I really like the atmosphere of the sea, music and sports

I say goodbye to friends of the steemit community, hoping to grow on the platform and learn from the published topics, since there are very good groups such as Spanish, Cervantes, Technology, Love, News, among others. At the same time I hope that mine will serve as learning.

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