PIVX en las Noticias: 3 artículos interesantes (Julio 4 a Julio 9)

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Aquí hay 3 artículos interesantes para ti (en ingles):

1. Top 5 Best Cryptocurrencies For Anonymity in 2018

"Perhaps one of the biggest misapprehensions in regards to cryptocurrencies is the fact that they are anonymous and the transactions are undetectable. In fact, the vast majority of blockchains leave behind a record of transactions which, given the proper tools and resources, can be easily tracked. PIVX (abbreviation for Private Instant Verified Transaction (X)) is another noteworthy privacy coin for privacy-centric users that uses a zPOS ( Zerocoin Proof of stake) algorithm. The algorithm is designed for fully anonymous staking. PIVX uses the zerocoin protocol to assure their users a great level of privacy."

2. 5 Masternode Coins For Earning Passive Income

"PIVX is a project that aims to be a global currency; claiming faster transactions, more privacy, and better security than previous tokens. The token is PIV, and while there is a total supply of 55 million, over 20 million of those coins are staked in wallets and masternodes, making the effective circulating supply something under 30 million."

3. What is PIVX? What Future it Holds in the Crypto Market?

"Private Instant Verified Transactions (PIVX) forked from DASH back in 2016, and people expected that it will remain in the same category as DASH, but that didn’t happen. PIVX received a ton of updates and enhancements, which made it quite a unique offering on its own. The first and the biggest difference is that it is now offering a privacy coin called zPIV, and all the transactions that take place through this currency are hidden from the prying eyes. Secondly, it works on Proof of Stake system, which is completely different from the Proof of Work system that most of the privacy coins are using. Moreover, the transaction speed is amazing as it can go through in less than a second. These transactions need confirmations as well, which in PIVX’s case can happen in less than 4 minutes. This is quite a feat especially if you take into consideration the 20 minute confirmation time of Monero, which is the top privacy coin at the moment. All of these features combined make PIVX an amazing offering and are the reason why you see it climbing the list of top 100."

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