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esto means" this" which is used when the adjective is not clearly mentioned in the sentence and este 'this' this is used when the noun or adjective is mentioned in the sentence.
Mi pasaporte está en el hotel."

In this sentence, está is neither feminine nor masculine -- Spanish verbs aren't gendered.

You're combining three different things here. First, "está," a form of the verb "estar." Second, "esta" and "este," the feminine and masculine forms of the word for "this." Third, "es," a form of the verb "ser."

If you were to use either esta (no accent) or este, this example sentence would read, "My passport this in the hotel." Clearly this doesn't work -- you need a verb.

Hi @ shenanigator, I'm native spanish speaker and I hope I can help you with this doubt.

"este", "esta" and "esto" are demonstrative pronouns, and they all translate as "this".

Este is used to refer to masculine nouns.

e.g. Ayer fue un mal día, pero este será mejor. (Yesterday was a bad day, but this one will be better)

día = masculine noun.

Esta for femenine nouns.

e.g. La semana pasada fue mala, pero esta será mejor. (The last week was bad, but this one will be better)

semana = femenine noun.

Esto is only used to refer to neuter, unknown or abstract concepts. When there is no specific noun as its antecedent so that you would know its gender.

e.g. Esto es una maravilla (this is wonderful)

e.g Esto está bien (this is ok)


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0 answers there. How I wish I understood Spanish #smiles


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Yea... It did post. Now I understand. How are you today? And Maddie


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I am good. Thanks so much... And thats for visiting my blog. You're always amazing :)

I desperately wish I can speak Spanish. I learned Gracias Amigo from you guys. Hahahahaha.


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Hahahahaha. Gracias.

Is it like a verb and a noun? Well it must be something of the sort Lol, I will check?

How's the travels coming? You should visit Nigeria


Both este and esto mean "this" but it's confusing to me how you determine which one is used.

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