Pinturas con café - Coffee Paintings

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Hola Steemians. Desde muy pequeña me fascina el café con leche, sobre todo cuando queda espumoso, humeante y con un ligero toque de vainilla. Nunca bebía café negro, pero con el pasar de los años aprendí a degustar esta aromática bebida; así que, cada vez que voy a trabajar siempre lo hago con una buena taza de café.

Estás obras artísticas están inspiradas en experiencias reales en las cuales accidentalmente remojaba el pincel en mi taza de café en vez del agua para la acuarela, y esto a su vez me inspiró a hacer estas tres pinturas en café.

A spirit in the Forest: Quería hacer una pintura con un aire ligeramente mítico, usando principalmente dos colores para marcar mejor la profundidad del paisaje. Originalmente iba a ser una hada extendiéndole la mano al zorro, pero luego cambié de idea.

El Cofee Mug: Es un tributo a ese hermoso accidente, cuando remojaba mis pinceles en café en vez de agua para acuarela.

Coffee Owl: Quería hacer un dibujo realista aprovechando la textura del café, por lo tanto decidí pintar un búho debido a que tiene bastantes patrones en sus plumas.

Para esta obra utilicé:

  • Acuarela (Café).
  • Acuarela color azul.
  • Pintura al frío color blanco.
  • Cartulina blanca de 20 x 20 cm.
  • Pincel #0 y #5.
  • Cinta adhesiva.
  • Lápiz de grafito.
  • Laca (Fijador en spray para el cabello).
Hey, Steemians. Since I was very young I have been fascinated by coffee with milk, especially when it is sparkling, smoky and with a slight touch of vanilla. I never drank black coffee, but over the years I learned to taste this aromatic drink, so every time I go to work I always do it with a good cup of coffee.

These artworks are inspired by real experiences in which I accidentally dipped the brush in my coffee cup instead of the water for the watercolor, and this in turn inspired me to make these three paintings in coffee.

A spirit in the Forest: I wanted to make a painting with a slightly mythical air, using mainly two colors to better mark the depth of the landscape. Originally I was going to be a fairy reaching out to the fox, but then I changed my mind.

The Coffee Mug: It's a tribute to that beautiful accident, when I soaked my brushes in coffee instead of watercolor.

Coffee Owl: I wanted to make a realistic drawing taking advantage of the texture of the coffee, so I decided to paint an owl, because it has a lot of patterns in its feathers.

For this work I used:

  • Watercolor (Coffee).
  • Watercolor blue.
  • White cold painting.
  • White cardboard of 20 x 20 cm.
  • Brush #0 and #5.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Graphite pencil.
  • Lacquer (Hair spray fixer).

Arte Final (Final Art)

Un espiritu en el bosque (A spirit in the forest)


Taza de café (Cofee Mug)


Búho de café (Coffee Owl)


Memoria fotográfica (Photographic memory)

1/4. Un espiritu en el bosque (A spirit in the forest)2/4. Un espiritu en el bosque (A spirit in the forest)
3/4. Un espiritu en el bosque (A spirit in the forest)4/4. Un espiritu en el bosque (A spirit in the forest)
1/3. Taza de café (Cofee Mug)2/3. Taza de café (Cofee Mug)
3/3. Taza de café (Cofee Mug)1/3. Búho de café (Coffee Owl)
2/3. Búho de café (Coffee Owl)3/3. Búho de café (Coffee Owl)

Gracias por visitar mi publicación

Thank you for visiting my publication




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The first one is a wolf did you do that onefor @wolfhart?


No, it is a fox...I guess..


Yeah 😉 🙃 😃 , it could be. 😄

Hola @sosadraws! me encanto tu obra de arte, la tomare para participar en el concurso pif, un fuerte y cariñoso abrazo, ven y participa


Hola @celinavisaez. Muchas gracias, igualmente un fuerte abrazo. Ya reviso lo del concurso 👍

That's quite creative @sosadraws.
But, I guess you'll have to apply masking spray/fixative to prevent these from getting spoilt with time due to biological degradation.

Nice job.


Thank you... Yes, I actually used Lacquer (Hair Spray Fixer) 😃.

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genial como siempre...
son muy interesante las obras de arte con cafe, aunque aun no he hecho ninguna jeje.
Y bueno, tambien comparto ese gusto por el cafe con leche como lo describes pero sin la vainilla (nunca se me ocurrio agregarle jeje)
saludos @sosadraws, un abrazo


Hola @juliocesardraw. Si, son muy interesantes. Una vez terminadas las obras y digitalizadas, no me canso de ver como queda la textura con le café 😍. Te recomiendo el café con leche con un ligero toque de vainilla ☕


Apuesta a que lo haré, ya había tomado café negro con vainilla y es rico...
Y nada mas de imaginarme el café con leche calientito y con espumita debe ser de otro nivel ☕💕

Excellent and cute drawings, @sosadraws! Thanks for sharing.
My favourite is the "Taza de Café," it's really, really beautiful!


Hello, dear friend. Thank you... Yes, the drawing of the mug is a beautiful tribute to this nice accident 😃. By the way, for works in this style, as I researched, they always use espresso; however, I used the coffee grounds and I loved the texture.


You're welcome. By the way, I advise you to mute all these accounts that are spamming you.


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This spam is courtesy of @fulltimegeek! A real piece of shit who flags manual curation projects like @themadcurator because he's a spiteful cunt!!!


This spam is courtesy of @fulltimegeek! A real piece of shit who flags manual curation projects like @themacurator because he's a spiteful cunt!!!

Wow! Very nice @sosadraws.
I couldn't help laughing when I imagined you dipping your brush into your cup of coffee instead of the waetr for the water color. :0)


Hi @simplymike, this is still happening to me 😃 😃 😃

Thank you


This spam is courtesy of @fulltimegeek! A real piece of shit who flags manual curation projects like @themacurator because he's a spiteful cunt!!!


Don't take notice of these 2 stupid replies. They're part of an ongoing 'war' between some whales. Fortunately, they didn't do any harm. They're just annoying

lovely paintings @sosadraws... Luv It! that's an amazing experience too... you know that coffee painting has been so popular in the past recent years and look at your paintings... everything looks so nice and awesome.

i found your post through @celinavisaez entry post in the pay it forwad contest this week and I hope you'll keep sharing your wonderful paintings with us too. my favourite is the OWL.. I like its eyes!


Thanks! Knowing that you liked my paintings really makes me happy <3

I'm not gonna lie, the owl was also my favorite. I had a lot of fun creating the tones and the texture of the feathers, and the finished piece looks really good because of it!

Wonderfully done @sosadraws. I have really started loving to see people painting with coffees and teas. I guess it's one of the 'original' methods it has such an earthy look.

You were featured in week 46 of @pifc's Pay It Forward Curation Contest by @celinavisaez. @pifc is a Pay It Forward Community which believes in by helping others grow we build a stronger community. We run this contest each week, it is open to everyone. It's a great way to show off people you find that might need some more exposure or meet new people.


Thank you so much!!

There are a lot of elements that, in the hands of artists and creative people, can be used for creating masterpieces, and coffee and tea are surely one of those!

¡Hola @sosadraws! Me alegra informarte que fuimos ganadores del concurso pifc, un abrazo.


Wow... Gracias que buena noticia 😃