We are giving away 1 million in Spaco delegation for life.

2년 전

Do you want a Spaco delegation for life? Join the 1 Million delegation giveaway now.

We have a fantastic offer for Spanish speaking Steemit users to introduce them to the Spanish community token Spaco and the Hispanohablantes website: www.spanish-tribe.com.
Spaco is a Steem-Engine token and is traded on www.steem-engine.com. We have created Spaco to unite the Spanish community and to strengthen the Spanish vote

Our first step was to involve community projects and many have already joined and many more are welcome to follow. The next step is to get you, the individual user, aware and involved.

For this we have a proposal that benefits all of you. No matter if you are plankton, or a whale. We are giving away 1 million in Spaco delegation to everybody who is willing to invest in this great project.

  • If you buy for 1 steem of Spaco on the Steem-Engine market,and stake it, we will give you a delegation of 1000 Spaco for life.
  • If you buy for 5 steem of Spaco, and stake it, we will give you a delegation of 2.500 Spaco for life.
  • If you buy for 10 steem of Spaco or more, and stake it, we will give you a delegation of 5.000 Spaco for life.

In order to participate you have to:

1, Buy for atleast 1 steem of Spaco on www.steem-engine.com.

  1. Stake the bought Spaco in your Steem-Engine wallet.

  2. Comment to this post with: (amount) Spaco bought.

  3. We will give you your delegation and reply our confirmation to your comment.

We have chosen to give more delegation to users who buy for 1 steem, because we want to give every Spanish speaking steemian a good start on our platform, no matter how small their Steemit account is.

Every post you publish on Steemit with the tag “spanish” is automatically posted on www.spanish-tribe.com and you can log in and vote with your existing Steemit account and keys.

Together we can make the Spanish vote count. We invite you to join us and create truly united Spanish community on the Steem blockchain.

The following projects have already joined and we invite other projects to join us.

  • Cervantes
  • La Colmena
  • Templo
  • Votomasivo
  • MayVileros
  • Radiosteemit
  • Emeeseese
  • TheArtemis
  • Acropolis
  • Celf-Magazine
  • Team Mexico
  • Pro-Venezuala
  • Angelesdesteemit
  • Radaquest
  • Erarium
  • Laboratorio de Música Venezolana Contemporánea
  • VDC
  • Engranaje
  • Votovzla
  • Kantos
  • Spanish Freewrite
  • Stem-Espanol
  • Steemitcolombia

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Hi there , Spanish-Tribe
We have been Notice that @SPACO account have been voting "camillesteemer " Accounts Fleet.

camillesteemer account is known to be Serious Flagger in The community.

We have a listing of their accounts , please delegate SPACO to this account @quarantine so we can take them down.

Here is the Evidence and there are more...


Sincerely @quarantine

i can have added some^^ do 10000+16549+ 2451 plus lose change count?? ;)
alll neatly staked & you know that lol
ScreenHunter 103.png


I know it and i love you for it.
All hail the queen of dragons.

I bought spako with 7 Steem yesterday, thank you😁👍


thanks buddy, you got your delegation.

Apoyando más esta grandiosa iniciativa he comprado 1000 SPACO mas.

Dear @spanish-tribe,
I bought 1601 SPACO for 10 STEEM and staked all!

Screenshot from 2019-08-16 22-15-29.png

!giphy happy+spanish


Great, i first thought you got a delegation, but then i saw you bought it with your amico account.
Delegated 5000 Spaco in your account.


Thanks, @spanish-tribe... but I can't see the delegated 5000 SPACO in my @amico.spa account nor in @amico... could you check it, please?

just buy and stake between 3.9 steem Screenshot (521).png


why i not get a delegation?

¡Great! I support this proyect.

More people are joining and investing.

I bought 565 SPACO for the value of 5,022 Steem


Good to have u onboard. I delegated 2500 Spaco in your account. Enjoy giving those votes.


I bought 1200 SPACO for 10.68 Steem and i put this in stake.

can i buy this again? 10 Steem of SPACO = 5000 SPACO Delegation

yo compre 117 spaco con 1.03896 steem

depues comprare mas


Delegated 1000 Spaco in your account.

Bought 20 steem of SPACO

Staked 2222 SPACO

confirmed stake


Thanks for your support.
I delegated your account with 5000 Spaco.
And after reading your comment on Bwar's post i will add a neoxag delegation on top of that.


Wow, that is extremely generous and much appreciated! Happy to curate for both tribes!

Estimados amigos, compré o invertí 1,50 steem para invertir en spaco, gracias a mi amigo @latino.romano y freewrite que acudieron para apoyarme con el steem!
Muchas gracias a ambos.
Un abrazo @latino.romano


Su delegación ya se informo por el otro post.

Yo también compre 1 steem en spaco y le di a stake en el candado...


Su delegación ya se informo por el otro post.

Compre spaco´s (1129) por una cantidad equivalente a a 10.048Steem. Hice power up a todo la cantidad esa cantidad mas lo que ya tenia.

debo agradecer a Spanish Freewrite y @latino.romano por hacerme llegar esa publicación.

Excelente iniciativa y gran proyecto. Muchas bendiciones.


Saludos. Escribo nuevamente para indicar que compre spaco´s (1129) por una cantidad equivalente a a 10.048Steem

I bought another 620 SPACO (290 + 250 + 80) for the value of 5,47304 Steem (2,55 + 2,22 + 0,710).

And I already turned them into SPACO POWER



Delegación realizada con antelación.

Hola mi comunidad es @radiosteemit. Dispuesta a invertir en espera que pueda activarse mi equipo (pc).. estaré avisando.

Hello. I bought and stake 2222 SPACO. Ty

Hola, Compré y apilé 2222 SPACOS

Gran idea, gracias por el soporte.


Thank you for supporting this project. I have delegated your account with 5000 Spaco.

Congratulations @spanish-tribe! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You got more than 100 replies. Your next target is to reach 200 replies.

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

You got a 29.73% upvote from @promobot courtesy of @news-today!
This vote cost 1 SBD and can be reversed for 0.200 SBD. If you wish to reverse this vote, click here.

Saludos. He comprado 246 spaco con 2 Steem. Apoyando las iniciativas hispanas y nos gusta mucho el apoyo al Spanih Freewrite que lleva @latino.romano. Sigamos adelante haciendo crecer a nuestras comunidades hispanas.


Delegación efectuada :)

Buy and stake 601 SPACO = 5.1 Steem @spanish-tribe


buy 1 more steem today


already delegated, thank you very much.


I don't have updated any delegation


Its a SPACO delegation

Hola,compre 1128 spaco(10.00536 steem) y stake ,Saludos_20190819_004028.JPG


Delegado 5000 spaco power :)

Realizada compra y power up de mas de 10 steem de spaco


Los Spaco en su cuenta son de ganancias y otras delegaciones. Compre Spaco en el mercado para obtener la delegación de por vida.


hola hay que revisar el tag spaco porque si lo pones solo sin el spanish no aparece en la pagina https://spanish-tribe.com

Que buena iniciativa esta.

Espero que crezca y se vuelva una indispensable dentro del ecosistema.

Compra de 10 Steem / 1129 SPACO (staked)

Un saludo.

Posted using Partiko Android


Delegado 5000 spaco power :)

Buenas, acabo de comprar 266 spaco con 1 steem (aproximadamente) y ya les he dado "powerup". Gracias.


Thank you for supporting this project. I have delegated your account with 1000 Spaco.

Hola amigos soy nuevo en esta red social y agradecería mucho cualquier ayuda de su parte... Desde ya muy contento de poder compartir contenido con ustedes

Hola estimados amigos del proyecto @spanish-tribe. Compré 1130 Spaco por el valor de > 10 steem en el mercado de Steem-Engine, lo stake (aposté) y ahora espero su delegación de 5000 Spaco de por vida.

Abrazos y buena vibra...

Compra de spaco.png



Delegación efectuada :)

Hello @spanish-tribe, I am a representative for the HoboDAO project. Does your community have a discord server?

I would like to have the opportunity to discuss a possible partnership between the Spaco project and the HoboDAO project.

Thanks for your time!

just buy and stake between 3.9 steem Screenshot (521).png


delegated 1000 spaco, thank you very much.

Saludos, ¿que ha pasado? desde hace 3 días hice una segunda compra de 266 spaco con 1 de steem y a los cuales les di powerup, ya he comentado esto anteriormente y todavía no me han dado la delegación.
Les agradezco me respondan.


Hola @gertu. Yo compré 10 steem en Spaco y los stake, pero no me han hecho delegación por los 5000 Spacos de la promoción... Qué extraño


Hola @flores39. Yo envié nuevamente mi mensaje para preguntar, pueden pasar muchas cosas, nosotros no sabemos. Pero estoy segura, que cuando se revise bien, darán una respuesta. Y nos delegaran lo que falta y, a los demás. Un abrazo.


Delegaciones efectuadas ;)

Excellent initiative! I bought 1137 SPACO with 10 STEEM, already staked in my account. Success for everyone!


Delegated 5000 spaco power :)


Hello, one question, these 5000 SPACO power are added to the ones I already had?

Estupendo acompañando desde las comunidades de @radiosteemit @club12 vamos creciendo.

Great accompanying from the communities of @radiosteemit @club12 we are growing. @spanish-tribe

si el post esta dedicado a la comunidad de habla hispana ¿por que esta escrito en ingles? no le encuentro sentido a eso.

Hemos comprado 10 steem de SPACO - nos resulto 1800 para hacer staking:


Hola amigos de @spanish-tribe aquí dejo la prueba de la compra de mis spacom y los puse en stake.Gracias amigos





Hola queridos amigos, hice una nueva inversión de sapco e hice el respectivo stake, les dejo la captura

Captura spaco.JPG