Spindle – Unique Investment Management Platform that Removes Centralized Authorities

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Spindle, as explained in the previous article, is a platform assisting people in cryptocurrency investment without relying on the conventional centralized market. Through this unique platform, some problems due to excessive restriction regarding virtual cryptocurrency can be omitted as Spindle has already planned some effective solutions to deal with them. The solutions can be realized by completing the project plans as set in the roadmap.

The project roadmap

The roadmap began in the first quarter of 2018 where the team worked on developing both freemium and premium services of Zeta project. It included working on the profile, legal, audit, and sort of. In the third quarter of the year, the plan will be to launch the token, to perform Atomic Swap with ALT and to develop the decentralized exchange. From 2019 to 2020, Spindle will focus on reaching more followers, performing trading, increasing the contribution to the ecosystem. Finally, in the third quarter of 2020, it is hoped that the Credit Autonomy will have been established.

The Team of Spindle

The whole team of Spindle consists of 10 members plus 8 advisors. Let’s start with the most important person in the company. He is Masamitsu Hirai who is the president and CEO of Spindle. It is not the first time for him to become a CEO and lead a team in similar projects. He has a strong background and extensive experience funds investment and strategy. Tsunehisa Kasai is another founder of Spindle. He started his carrier 30 years ago. He has ever held the highest position in Bullion Japan Inc. and other crucial roles in other respective companies both in Japan and Britain.

Shuichi Uda is another founder of the company. He also serves as the director of Spindle. He earns valuable experiences related to finance projects in some listed companies in Europe. When he was young, he gained the hugest profits in one of his projects. There are actually still more members of the team. Their complete profiles are available on the website, whitepaper, and on LinkedIn.

ICO Token Details

The SPD token sale is starting soon on 9 May 2018. It will run for only a week. Perhaps, it is the shortest ICO public sale period. A bonus will be available every day except the last day, but the percentage of the bonus will decrease each day. If you buy the token on the first day, you will get the highest bonus which is 30% bonus. The bonus will decrease by 5% every day so on the last day, which is on 15 May 2018, there will be no bonus available. If you want to join the sale, you can visit https://ico.spindle.zone/ as the official website for the token sale.

The crowdsale will start from 9 May to 15 May 2018. During the crowdsale week, funds will be collected and they will be allocated for business development, technological development, marketing, legal compliance, and M&A strategies.

Read the next article for more information about Spindle platform and its token sale and distribution.



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