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my friend, @tu-mon-amie, said we are in the middle of something called, "The Push". so energies are high. i think. it's a busy time for us all. I too have had some very lucid dreams lately. I wanted to remember last nights, but the neighbor's tv news woke me and washed it away. otherwise,

write down your dreams friend. i give you that secret. write them down pen and paper style. even if just a few reminders. thank you for this reminder to try again tomorrow. namaste.

and thank you for the steem from the fun pun challenge. :)

Your comments are full of quality. Got a tip from this! My dreams are washed away most of the time! But deep down, doubt if there is real need to remember them!

:) I write them down or reminders if I don't vividly remember every detail. This one I won't forget. As far as the pun contest :) Maybe we'll have to halve another juan sewn.

I never remember my dreams. Is there any particular reason for this? When i do remember them, i hardly tie them to anything as most of them can be called happy dreams!

My wife and I have both been having particularly vivid dreams lately, many of them centered around "preparation" and "getting ready" for something that is to come. A lot of our friends who are tuned in to similar "frequencies" seem to be experiencing something along the same lines...


Something is coming, that's for sure.

they are on the way- many already here and I'm really thinking we'll be meeting them this summer : )


Maybe :)

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