Purify Your Perceptions

2년 전

Your construct of the world is based upon your perceptions.
Perceptions can be sensory or informational.
The control of information aims to control your perceptions and hence your ideas about the world.
But our perceptual systems cover a very narrow band of interactions with the universe.
Your nervous system interacts with many external stimuli in such a way as to not require your conscious perception of the process.

Perception management is the job of mainstream media propaganda.
Of course, you don't perceive it as propaganda, otherwise it wouldn't work.
The next step is to avoid the expense and dangers of managing the perceptions of humanity, but rather to create the perceptions so that an individual will believe that the ersatz experience is really real.

So-called transhumanism is subhumanism.
You will have the illusion of will without the perception that it is not yours.
Welcome to your children's future.

Is there a way out?
Is there a way to refine our perceptions so that we can discriminate between information that is true and that which is false?

Deep inside all of us there is a core consciousness, a kind of ground state, a sublime state of almost nothing - a perception of pure awareness.
It has to be experienced so that the words make sense.

This is not some philosophical trick but the natural way that language is linked to existing experiences. Describing new experiences is always difficult as it is always a poorly constructed mixture of existing ones. Try to describe the experience of eating a pineapple to someone who has never tasted one - try writing it down. Nothing mystical or transcendental about a pineapple.

So... dig deeper inside yourself. Forget the rest of the universe for a few minutes each day.

Purify your perceptions.

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash; Photo by Paul Gilmore on Unsplash (edited)

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I'm curious why you are choosing to make imperative statements to deliver your advice. Any free thinking individual will baulk at orders.

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