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Greetings and happy good day everyone! Thanks for joining me once again to keep me company on my journey. It is good to have your audience for my thoughts and reflections.


So I have made some account changes recently that have proven so far to be a tremendous energizer of my work effort towards long term Steem rewards.

I really wanted to put blinders on, and focus like a laser beam on daily and weekly goals. I achieved a milestone regarding my Reputation Score and Steem Power, so that helped with my attitude a lot.

I am really disappointed about Steem Upvote Exchange stopping their FREE service at the end of June 2019! It was very useful to me in the overall scheme for Steem. Hopefully, someone will see an amazing opportunity to provide a FREE upvoting service for the Steem blockchain.

Nevertheless, the change to a newer more functional blogging platform called STEEMPEAK really has been exciting!

In my opinion, STEEMPEAK has everything I thought I would want, and more. This is an incredible multi-functional platform, and will serve my creative blog posting just fine.

That said, change can be a scary proposition for some. Fear of the unknown... especially if changes are already underway and have not been completed.

The prospects of change raises a litany of questions by the one it affects the most. It can be most distressing when it is unwanted or suddenly unexpected as in the case of the sudden passing of a loved one, or the sudden loss of a job you are totally dependent upon for basic necessities of life!

To willfully change for the better is some what of a leap of faith. Hopefully, well informed because the intentions behind willful change is for the better!

So what do you do if the change is not for the better? ...Change! Keep it moving until the opportunity presents itself to change for the better!

Once you make a change, willingly or not, do an honest evaluation of your situation because some adjustments maybe required to make it better than great.

Therefore, change may be a preliminary move to a position to enable greatness to manifest.

Alright Steemians! I close this blog post and look forward to hearing your thoughts about CHANGE TO BE BETTER THAN GREAT!



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