Time Has Shown Me The Truth Of My Heart

2년 전


"Let go of logic" says the heart.

"You're here for much more than an A + B = C strategy.

The complexity of the cosmos was built in brilliance.

Let go of your mind and you will come to know your unknowns.

All good things come through feeling good. All great things come in persisting in the goodness of who you really are, even when it seems the world has cast its shadow upon you.

Love can be painful, yes, but these are growing pains.

Do you wish to grow? Do you wish for your greatest self?

Then be willing to let go of all that you are not.

You were meant for more than you can even begin to imagine.

Let your heart lead you towards the brilliance that emanates from your soul.

Take your time...

You are worthy."

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Damn I think the last post of yours was the next level stabilizer 😱 good post, wise words! 😀

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@alexabsolute The "next level stabilizer" - Woo! That sounds quite epic. I appreciate the kind words brother! Cheers!

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Where have you been??? So good to see You back :)

Welcome back brother :)
Peace and love, my friend.

Dude, I was thinking of you today and typed in your @axios handle, and was glad to see a post :) Hope you're well. Are you in Thailand like you said you would be?