Seth Speaks,about power of thoughts.

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"Do not personally give any more conscious consideration,to events that you do not want to happen. Any such concentration, to whatever degree, ties you in with those probabilities, so concentrate upon what you want."

My comment:
Most of the "Humanity" still does not understand the power of thoughts,or how this reality works.I would suggest everyone to start meditating and find answers to all questions within yourself,because they are here,not "out there".

The point of posting quote's:
I want to introduce "Seth Speaks" series of books to the wider audience.

Source of image: Google
Text from the book: "The Nature of Personal Reality ".

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I've had varied experiences with meditation... Both "good" and "bad." (Funny story: Once while meditating in my room, my cat started making a huge commotion--running around, acting crazy. Doing my best not to open my eyes, finally I had to look when it became too bothersome. A bird had somehow flown into my house. And just as I was opening my eyes, my cat leapt into the air, swiped the bird down and under the bed, where she proceeded to eat the entire thing in what seemed like less than a minute flat. How's THAT for "peaceful meditation" lol :))

Seriously tho, I do notice that when I meditate consistently, I am more easily able to respond rather than react, is how I like to put it.