The Rainy Day - Harvesting The Spiritual - Enjoy with Troy!




The Rainy Day

Today was a rainy day with a downpour of water coming from the sky. It was a good day to sleep and stay inside. Yet, resting was not the agenda.

We have many flowers and plants in our yard. An idea came to me. Why not go out and collect some rainwater. So I took three 5 gallon buckets and some totes and was able to harvest much. The house is set up with two Y spouts for rain barrels. I know, at some point, I need to set up the barrels and even grow some herbs on them.

I was so happy to have made use of God's good water.

The Spiritual Blessing

I realized how God can use the rains and dark times of our life to spur a harvest of growth. When we participate with Him in charge, we can reap blessings of goodness. Yes, there is the pain. We get drenched in wet and our hearts are soggy. We may have tears that overflow. But we grow. Those tears nurture our hearts. The lessons we learn shape us for a lifetime.

All things work together for good, to them who love the Lord. Romans 8:28

Rejoice in the rain. For there you will harvest growth and plenty. Dig out your rain buckets and Let God fill you with drops of blessings.

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