What Voodoo Do You Do? - The REAL Talent on Steem

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My mom is a psychic.

There, I said it.

No, she doesn't read minds....per se. And she doesn't dig into your life, or your past, or your present, or your future. She just, you know, gets pictures and thoughts and messages about people when she works on them.

She owns a therapeutic massage practice, and ever since I was a kid, I can remember her talking about how when she touches people with her hands, there are some clients who "speak" to her in metaphysical messages and images. She used to ignore it, or toss it aside.

But she learned better, and now when she gets a "hit" on someone, she asks them if it is OK if she shares it with them. And 99% of the time the answer is yes.

Why? Because she doesn't get an impression about someone if it's none of her business - if their soul is not interested in sharing the information.

And every time, without fail, when she shares the information, they are grateful for it, and appreciate the incredible insight. Usually it leads to improved relationships, better business practice, healing from a past wound, or forgiveness for something that needs letting go.


And I always believed my mom, but...I always kind of just thought it was a little too weird for my ultra conservative tastes, and it made me uncomfortable to think that my mom went to psychic fairs and classes to improve upon her psychic abilities. I thought she was just throwing money at something not worthwhile.

Then about 3 or 4 years ago, I was meditating, I started having some interesting experiences. And they were super intense. And it scared the piss outa me. So I stopped meditating altogether, and never looked into it again.

Until I looked into it again.

And what the hell, guys! Why haven't I been doing this all my life! It's awesome! I love being able to help heal people, physically and mentally. I love doing energy work. I love tuning into my higher self and getting answers I could not otherwise reach. I love being able to see into the soul of a person and just love them for who they are, misfit and all. I love feeling God. It's amazing.

So then I started opening up about it, and talking to people on Steem, seeing if I was the only one having experiences like these. And guess what.

I'm not.

You are all a bunch of psychics too! Who knew?

We're surrounded. AAAAAHHHHH!


But really, guys, I think it's time we speak up about our abilities. Chances are, we all have them. And I mean every last one of us. We've just been stifled and stymied and not taught how to tap into who we really are. I mean, seriously, people. Gays get to come out of the closet. Why can't we?

On this platform alone, in the last month alone, I have talked with people who possess the abovelisted abilities, and they aren't doing anything to develop them! What kind of hogwash is that?

We need to get with the program, people. Times are changing. The world needs you. It doesn't need Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman. It needs YOU! What are you doing to develop your gifts, and what is holding you back???

Comment below, or message me in discord. I'm all ears.

As Always


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Not talking about my abilities yet but I always enjoy your posts


I would LOVE to hear what you are good at. We all would...or we can just chat on the side and I'll blab about my stuff. But I learn so much from everyone on here, probability suggests I will get more out of our conversations than you will! Ha ha!

Also, I think as more and more people read this stuff and hear others talk about it, and open up to it, the stigma will quickly vanish, as we all realize we've been keeping our talents hidden because our society has rewarded only those abilities that create or consume material goods.

And that, is as I say, a buncha hogwash.

I've been hanging out with woo woo people for at least 10 years, on an intermittant basis. I know several people who actually do seem to have some form of metaphysical gift of some kind, and a few that I suspect are just riding the train, if you know what I mean.
The only thing that I know of as for my own abilities is that I'm somewhat empathic. I find that to be physically and mentally tiring if I'm in a crowd, or around negative people too much. Apparently I pick up on the energy that other people give off...
If I have any other metaphysical talents, I am unaware of them. I do enjoy being around most woo woo people because they seem to have a higher vibration than non woo woo people, I guess their energy systems are tuned a bit higher.
I have a second level Reiki attunement, but where I live, there's not much call for it. If I go to the occasional metaphysical fair, I may or may not use it, depending on the circumstances.
I have been out of the loop for a couple of years now due to some things not of my own doing, unless you consider my semi hermit tendencies, but I would like to get back into it a bit more.
I have never really been able to meditate, I can't shut my mind off for long enough...


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