Do You Think Money Is Dirty? Follow These Steps to Bless and Purify Your Relationship With It

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Almost everyone in our society has issues with money. To be effective and successful - to live the life of your dreams - it is essential to identify your money issues and heal your relationship with money.

Money is the dominant medium by which we acquire goods and services in our culture. Yes, it is important to cultivate Abundance Consciousness, and we can manifest finding money on the street. But at some point over-emphasis on Prosperity Consciousness instead of Money Consciousness becomes a means to avoid the issues that money - the word, concept and material fact - triggers for us.

To live well in our society, we need to come to terms with the reality of money. For many of us, this means identifying and releasing dysfunctional experiences, ideas and attitudes acquired about money in our childhood, young adulthood.

Money is freighted with your personal baggage as well as that of our culture. It's time to work through these issues. Whether you want to achieve business success, enhance your salary or expand your income in other ways, the time is now. And the Cosmos supports you - this is a propitious time to deal with money issues and attain wealth.

Many psychically and spiritually sensitive people avoid acquiring wealth because they think or feel money is dirty or a source of pain.

These people feel - consciously or unconsciously - the pain, conflict and attempts at control that can be in money's vibration. They hear the stories money picked up while circulating in our economy and society that are present when it comes into their possession. "There's no money for baby food because you drank it up at the bar." "I can't make the rent because I gambled my paycheck at the casino, and lost." "I'll give you money for a new car, but you have to promise... "

The negative energies these people sense in money leads them to avoid pain by avoiding money.

Many psychically and spiritually sensitive people avoid dealing with money altogether because of this sensitivity. They have no idea how much money they have because they don't balance their checkbooks - it's just too painful. This pain is compounded by the shame and guilt they feel over their inability to properly manage their money.

Money can be fraught with painful vibrations. However, money carries positive energy, too. Isn't it great to have the money to put a roof over your head and food on the table?

Take This Action Step:

If this is you, an essential first step to increase your money mindset and expand your Wealth Consciousness is to bless and purify your money.

Do this by clearing your money of any limiting or negative vibrations it has acquired as it circulates in the economy and society. This action step releases shame and guilt, too.

A simple and easy way to do this is to visualize a rectangle the size of your checkbook or debit card. (This works even is you rely on electronic bank transfers and never handle real cash.)

See this rectangle shape fill with Divine light and love. You may experience resistance at first. The rectangle my appear dingy, gray or dark. Keep at it. You soon will see it fill with beautiful white light and love.

Do this frequently. It works. You will begin to have peace with money, handle and manage it well, and balance your check book.

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