What Is A Spiritual Family & How Do You Find One?

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Many say that the road that you’ll embark on, on your spiritual journey will be a long and lonely road! But what if that were only true if there was no one else like you?

What if there are people out there that are JUST like you? Seeking the exact same thing.

Well that’s exactly what a Spirit family is!

Spirit Family - Moving Beyond The Physical Planes

While it’s possible, you don’t have to be blood related to be Spiritually related. Being Spiritually related comes from an internal knowing and a common interest in seeking who you truly are.

And from there you come together as a unit to accomplish the same thing.

Getting right within yourself, so that you can be that change you want to see outside of yourself.

And while it may be hard to realize that your physical family may not be your Spiritual family it’s something you’ll have to learn to understand.

Because yes, you may be blood related to someone, but that doesn’t mean that the relationship you share with them isn’t toxic, isn’t loveless, and isn’t helping you or them grow.

Spirit Family - How They Deal With Toxicity

And this is where a true Spirit family will shine. Even in the arguments and turmoil, the love remains the same.

And at the end of the day everyone within your Spirit family does their part in making sure that whatever tension there is, is resolved.

Imagine having an argument and it not lingering on.

Imagine instead of thinking about how angry you are with the person, you’re actually thinking about how well that situation went for all members of the family.

And this is just the beginning of what it means to be in a spiritual family.

How To Find Your Spiritual Family

This manifests differently for everyone, but it all starts with the common interest of seeking out the truth about you and the reality we live in.

And when you find your Spirit family you’ll have elevated to a certain degree of consciousness which leads you to finding them in the first place.

For me it started with reading books based on the law of attraction (not the real law of attraction) which led to a fake spiritual community which then led to my spirit family at https://www.reprogramthematrix.com.

Again this is all summarized and all a subjective exp.

It took a long while to get there, but it was an act of magic from our creator.

I kept searching and what I found out was that all I was seeking was also seeking me.


You don’t have to be alone on your path. In fact, that’s the exact opposite of what true Spirituality even is.

And as long as you make sure you’re consistently seeking the truth about you and your reality there’s no way you won’t end up with your Spirit family!

Thanks, Ya boy Solar

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