What is grace?

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Grace, of course it's amazing, we all know that, but what is it according to you?
According to Sathya Sai Baba, one of the Divine incarnations that inspires me most, it is everywhere and all we need to do is secure it.

He says:

"Gods grace is as the shower of rain, as the sunlight you have to do some Sadhana to acquire it; The sadhana of keeping the pot upright to receive the rain, the Sadhana of opening the door of your heart, so that the sun may illumine it. Like the music that is broadcast over the radio, it is all around you; but you must switch on your receiver and tune the identical wave-length so that you can hear it and enjoy it.-"

Now, opening the door of your heart tells us about Love, letting Love into your heart.
Who is the first one responsible for shining some of that Love in to our hearts?

It's us. WE are responsible for doing that FIRST.
Okay, okay, when we were little it was our parents who were supposed to do that first and if we were lucky they did, but let's be honest even though they did their best, their hearts were probably not overflowing with it either.
It's because we forget to love ourselves. And because our parents forgot to do that, probably because their parents forgot to do that, we are forgetting to do it too. We can say, yes, but I never had a good example.
Eventhough that's sad, it's not an excuse not to do it anyway.
Wanting to do it and dedicating ourselves to it is enough. I promise you, it will work.
And it's necessary. In fact it is a prerequisite for anything further to do with giving and receiving Love.
I even believe it is the one thing that opens us up to grace.

So go ahead, Love yourself.

Love Wombloom



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beautiful! and simple solution,.. love yourself!


Hey! Nice to see you here. Thanks! And yes, it's the solution to many things, selflove.

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