Steemit Poker League - Win Free Bitshares Tokens Tomorrow, 9pm Central

3년 전
in spl

Win some of my tokens in a poker tournament, tomorrow night at 9pm central time. Watch the video and follow my blog for more details.

If you have a good #introduceyourself post, active on steemit and building a solid reputation.. visit and register for the community #SPL Steemit Poker League.

original youtube post:

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Oops, just missed it! I'll catch the next one!


There will be two more tournaments... already talked with @tuck-fheman about it... next wednesday.
you will have plenty of chances to participate

Ill be there. Thanks for hosting the tourney!


thanks for being awesome Amos.... keep up the great work and great play

I'm No bueno at poker but i did learn that if she has a "butter face" then you "Poker Face" or something like that.


dude... I'll show you next time we hang out or something.. I wasn't good at all.. but after a few tourneys, you're good to go

Hey @mrwang, thanks for sponsoring the tourney. I took 3rd. Not sure what that it is worth but would enjoy getting some wang. My ledger account is one-more-shot. I got a lot to learn about using bitshares and all the opportunity on the platform. Happy that my poker interest crossed over to that and I might learn some more.


dude... I've been waiting for you to respond, lol... great deal, I'm still learning about bitshares and how it works.. my dam self. sending you the tokens now and I'll see you back on #spl.

keep up the great play in the league man..


Thanks for the Wangchange! With the cryptos taking a beating lately it's cool to see the list of assets grow knowing that the bounce back going to make them worth much more. I took a small lesson on borrowing USD as the collateral BTS backing the loan dropped below the settle price as values fell. The system was quick to sell off my BTS to settle the debt which was a greater amount of BTS then I would of preferred to pay for the asset gained. In hindsight would of been cheaper to just buy the asset straight up with BTS instead of borrowing USD to buy. Oh well, live and learn. Hope you have done better about avoiding that pitfall.


Oo, i made a whole another type of mess up... but more oon that later.. ya, i don't bother trying that borrowing feature.. I'm already in enough crypto debt.. fml