Steem Monsters - Kickstarter pledge $85


After a lot of deliberation, I have finally upgraded by pledge from $45 to $85. It basically made lot more sense mathematically.


With a $45 pledge, i would have received 20 untamed packs, 1 starter pack, 1 lvl 2 chained golem and 45 charges of legendary potions.
With a $85 pledge, i would get 40 packs, 1 starter pack, 1 max lvl chained golem and 85 charges of legendary potions.

My main reason for the change was chained golem. With the most conservative estimate a lvl 2 golem is 3 BCX and should be worth about $4.5 whereas max lvl golem is 11 BCX which should be worth at least $16.5.

Only time will tell if I made the right decision.

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I think you made a wise decision. I still haven't participated yet and may not. Like You I been looking at the math to try and decide my best course of action.

I was thinking about the $200 level so I would get the level 2 Gold Foil and the 10% booster pack bonus. With the plan of immediately selling the Gold Foil as soon as I get it.

I suspect getting $100 for the GF Chained Golem is a conservative number. The value may drop or rise as the days/weeks go on but for the first few hours/days getting $100+ for the Gold Foil should be a reasonable expectation.

That would leave me paying $100 for 110 boosters and a max chained golem + the bonus potions.

I also have the thought that these UNTAMED packs will be dirt cheap on Steem-Engine. Currently they are already about $1.50. No doubt that price will drop a decent amount once everyone is flooded with UNTAMED packs from the Kickstarter/Fundition.

So 110 boosters x $1.50 (at best) = $165
. +
$16.50 for the max golem = $181

$81 profit without including the value of potions if one were to sell the included gold foil for $100.

There's also the option of scooping up the >$1.50 boosters that are likely to hit Steem-Engine once the UNTAMED packs are able to be opened/ Hoarding them and reselling later.


$100 for gold foil seems like a stretch at least near term. I think it would be more like 70$but it would depend on stats and usability.

Overall ur calculation seems fine and makes me wonder if i should up my pledge to 200.


You may be right but its hard to know for sure as there's so many unknowns.

I thought the founders were asking $125 for individual additions of the card via the kickstarter but I can't seem to find it listed anymore. I think the price will at least stay steady for a day or two as the big spenders buy up what they need to max what they have.

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