Check my latest fight ! malric-inferno vs joluco123

8개월 전

@malric-inferno [1271] DEFEATED @joluco123 [1282]

Target Practice: All Ranged and Magic attack Monsters have the Snipe ability. [20 Mana Cap] ALL SPLINTERS ACTIVE

@malric-inferno BATTLING with:

  • Level 1 Fire Summoner MALRIC INFERNO
  • Level 1 Fire Splinter CERBERUS
  • Level 1 Neutral Monster RUSTY ANDROID
  • Level 1 Neutral Monster CREEPING OOZE
  • Level 1 Neutral Monster ELVEN CUTTHROAT
  • Level 1 Fire Splinter KOBOLD MINER

@joluco123 BATTLING with:

  • Level 1 Water Summoner ALRIC STORMBRINGER
  • Level 1 Neutral Monster COCATRICE
  • Level 1 Water Splinter SPINEBACK TURTLE
  • Level 1 Water Legendary RULER OF THE SEAS
  • Level 1 Water Splinter WATER ELEMENTAL

Watch the Replay

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@alricstormbringr [1395] DEFEATED @archetypal [1598]

Watch the Replay

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