Help requested- Please vote and retweet


So, here's a tweet from @trontrade on Twitter. They're an exchange and we just got listed there. By taking two seconds to vote you'll help raise the collective awareness of Steem and Splinterlands in another community. That's good for everyone. Please take half a second to vote and retweet to your audience.

With gratitude,


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  ·  작년


Sure thing!

Voted and tweeted!

  ·  작년


Done :) Good luck!

voted, we need more people though.

Voted and retweeted!

Going up against a tough battle there with those Tron-shills, they are professional Twitter fanboys lol. But, regardless, I did the best I could & voted ( including on my alt account ). Good luck :^)

  ·  작년

Took me between half and 2 seconds ;)

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  ·  작년

Done :)

Voted DEC and commented DEC as well!


Great work on the AMC debut this morning btw 🤘😝

  ·  작년

Took 18% in 3 hours :)


My pleasure to vote for DEC, also retweeted. 👍



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Great to hear that

Vote done.

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voted and retweeted :)

Done :)

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