Today's Quest Reward on Splinterlands

10개월 전

Hi Monsters!

Despite loosing so many battles in the last few days in SM. I didn't relent, rather I went back to read about monsters abilities to understand better what I might have forgotten.

I tried to figure out what I am not doing right because I came down to Gold 3 from almost close to Diamond 1.

I left my quest for some days to read How To Play again in SM.

Thanks to my teacher who asked me to and analysed some of my battles where I made mistakes.

Today, I decided to do my quest, I had to battle a lot because other players are not ready to loose either.

My quest was favourite splinter and this made my stress minimal in completing quest.

After completing my quest.


My quest reward gave me potions, few DEC, 2 Nectar Queen and a Legendary Water Monster which was Kraken.

I had a level 1 Kraken which I was looking to upgrade to level 2. Getting a kraken was very good for me at the moment.

Now I am going to have to buy 1 more to reach level 2.



I am Bee 🐝 in the City of Neoxian



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