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Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy! I have been having mega giveaways since it was Splinterlands 2 year anniversary recently! I wanted to share them with the Splinterlands community while also trying to gain new players to the game!

I have listed the active giveaways on my Twitter feed below so make sure to get in on them today! I wish you all luck as well!

There have been so many things going on in Splinterlands the past few days all at once! First, we have any time tournaments right around the corner! I just put out a post on how they will look like HERE!

Next, we had the airdrop of the amazing new fire splinter Legendary Summoner Yodin Zaku! This card is simply outstanding! I did not receive an airdrop, I only have around 500 packs but I bought some off the market and leveled it up in the first two hours of it being released! I could not help myself! Check out the Splinterlands post about this Legendary Summoner HERE.

Today there was the release and big promotion of the limited card promotion of the Halfling Alchemist! I also maxed this card out today! I have to have all the cards, LOL! I also gave away three of these on Twitter and Discord today! Check out Splinterlands post about the promotion HERE!

There are still 3K left so when you buy 5 packs you will receive one Alchemist from Splinterlands! You can also be eligible for a random airdrop of the Halfling Alchemist card when you battle at least 5 times so make sure you battle today!

  • A $50 Bitcoin giveaway I sponsored held by the amazing @irishcryptogirl on Twitter HERE! This ends on May 8th, 2020! Get in on these amazing giveaways!

  • A $30 Bitcoin & 20 Untamed packs giveaway I sponsored held by the awesome @irishcrytpogirl on Twitter HERE! This ends on May 10, 2020! Check out her Twitter page for many daily crypto giveaways!

  • A giveaway for the awesome new Legendary fire splinter Summoner Yodin Zaku on Twitter HERE! It ends on May 7th, 2020!

  • This is a giveaway for the Top 5 winning cards in the bronze league! There will be 5 winners who will win these 5 cards each! HERE!

  • I have given out over 20+ Untamed booster packs the past week on Twitter & Facebook. There is another Untamed pack giveaway I am having, hurry up as 2 winners will be announced tomorrow evening on 5/5/20 HERE!

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Splinterlands is now Integrated with WAX

I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

Splinterlands Rep

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