1,000+ USD Prize Package Giveaway Coming Soon

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The $1,000+ USD Prize Package

You heard it hear first! I will be giving away a $1,000+ prize package to promote my new Twitch.tv gaming stream. The exact prize details and dates will be announced in an upcoming post (as soon as the last details are finalized).

The reason I wanted to make this pre-announcement post for this large giveaway was so my Steem and Splinterlands family could have a head start on securing giveaway tickets. On my Twitch.tv stream, there is a viewer loyalty rewards system where viewers earn "doubloons" for watching the stream. These doubloons will be used to bid on tickets for the $1,000+ prize package drawing.

Current Giveaways

I also am running smaller promotions currently like giving away $20 USD pizza gift certificates and WoW tokens so there are many opportunities even outside of the $1,000 prize package giveaway for viewers to use doubloons.

Upcoming Promotions

For Splinterland players I envision having some Splinterlands promotions on my stream in the future.

For Steemians check out my weekly challenge series that I am starting today to get free up votes on your posts.

Links to Stream/Discord:

Link to stream: twitch.tv/dreamryder007

Link to Discord: https://discord.gg/MbhYE7s

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This looks amazing!!

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This is a great idea! Very impressive @dreamryder007!!!