Last Weekly Challenge

9개월 전

The Weekly Challenge

Something has changed and this will be the last week I will be posting a new challenge where YOU can receive an upvote from my Dreamryder007 Steem account. The challenge will run from the posting day to the following Monday.

How do YOU participate/get an upvote this week?

To get an upvote this week, make any post about Splinterlands on steem. Drop a link to your post in the comments and I will upvote your post.



Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hello @dreamryder007

I am writing to request support.

I have a project called Country-specific curation, and I have delegated about 16000 SP to each 16 accounts.

These accounts follow the Steemit Inc., selected representatives in each country who mentor and upvote the posts of Newbies to Steemit, and encourage to both improve their posts and post daily.

steemcurator01 also encourages them to power up by preferentially upvoting accounts set on 100% powerup.

Most of them have been posting in #thediarygame to earn daily upvotes from steemcurator01 which has about 1.5 million SP.

I designed my program as following the country-specific curators by auto vote to get all the posts missed by steemcurator01

Currently the project provides nearly 100-160 votes a day and nearly 1000 upvotes per week through 16 countries accounts following about 22 specific country based curators.

The accounts are:

The country based representatives are:

Please consider supporting this project to promote recruitment, rewards and retention on Steemit.

I also have created a DeFi program on Steemit similar to the DeFi programs gaining notoriety on Ethereum. The DeFi yield 8.5% baseline and potential 30% per annum through selective curation of authors with a history of high yielding posts. This project is just about yield, not promotion of Newbies. I have invested 1000 SP to test it for two months and now I will invest 10,000 of my own SP and matching 10,000 SP lease from dLease.

I ask that you consider supporting this DeFi project also as it’s purpose is to bring outside investors into Steem via Free Easy Instant signups and 2 step investment where your Token never leaves your wallet.

Thank you for your time.