Sketch of Divine Sorceress.

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Hey, my friends.

Welcome back again in my post.

Today, I'm back again another pencil sketch. I've sketched another card of @splinterlands named DIVINE SORCERESS.

This is a picture of the real image and what I sketched.



The Divine Sorceress is an Epic Life Monster. It is a magic attack card with a special ability named Divine Shield. It helps to avoid the first attack on it however how much strong the damage is. I didn't used this card often because I don't have it. But, I've played with it before. It seemed good to me. Now let's see my artwork.

I've sketched it is four steps. They are given bellow.

Step One:

Building The Structure.


Step Two:

Transfer the structure into the main image.


Step Three:

Bring the main body Image.


Step Four:

Making the image totally clear and making the shades dark.


To be fully honest this sketch took me longer than any other. And I also think I messed up with the face. I'm not still expert in this thing. I'll obviously need more practice to art perfectly.

That's all for now.

Thanks for reading m,y post.

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That is really nicely done pencil work, like the process of work, especially how you started to draw the figure considering the proportion of the body :)


All credit goes to youtube tutorial videos and my best friend Shah Aman Khan.
Also, I'm so glad that you liked my work.