Pixies avoid the earthquake to take the win

3년 전

This week's Splinterlands battle challenge theme is Spark Pixies.

The spark pixie is not a card I often use because of the low amount of health my level 2 pixies have. I was trying to complete my daily quest today and was only allowed to use the fire splinter for the battle and decided I would give the pixies a go and it worked well for me.
The battle can be found here


Rules were Earthquake and Little League

With a 13 mana cap

Earthquake: Means that Non-flying monsters take 2 melee damage at the end of each round.
Little League: Means only monsters and summoners that cost 4 mana or less may be used in battle.

Summoner Selection:

I have 3 fire splinter summoners to choose from: Malric, Pyre or Talia. I normally choose Malric for the +1 melee attack instead of Pyre's +1 speed, or the cheaper mana requirement for Talia. I also like to use my Malric because he is level 4 and my Pyre and Talia are only level 3.

Monster Selection

1rst Position: I choose Cerberus as my tank because it has self heal and was a very cheap tank as far as mana costs go. Cheaper monsters are the key in low mana matches.

2nd position: I used my Imp Bowman for this position because it has flying, 2 mana cost, 2 health, and 2 ranged. I was hoping that if my Cerberus died that my imp bowman would become a tank.

3rd position: I Spark Pixies here because they were super vulnerable having 1 health. I was hoping that with flying it would last a long time in the last position. I am using the spark pixies because they have a super fast speed and flying.

My strategy worked very well for this battle, because I wasn't able to use neutral monsters I didn't use a chicken in the back as a read tank. The small mana cap was a rough constraint and pushed me into using the monsters I did. I picked the impbowman last and picked it over cocatric because the impbowman would be doing damage more often as it was ranged. The Cerberus worked well as a tank, and after it died my imp bowman took damage long enough for my pixies destroyed the last of my opponent. I am not sure I would change my lineup in the future as this one worked very well. I liked that my 2 rear monsters were giving out 4 ranged damage every turn.

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I am not the biggest fan of tiny mana caps (duh). But for real, they are stressful. Though it's like I'm just now realizing that the other guy is dealing with the same problem. 🤣 Less than 2 minutes?! The countdown gets to me.
Nice job on this one. 🥰