Serpent of Eld Evades the Attacks

3년 전

This week's Splinterlands battle challenge theme is Serpent of Eld.

I don't often use the Serpent of Eld as I have some other cards I prefer to use as my tank, like the Sea Monster or Chain Golem. Today's daily quest was the water splinter and I had an up close and personal battle that I thought would be appropriate to try and use my Serpent of Eld.

The battle can be found here


##Rules were Armored Up and Up Close and Personal

With a 44 mana cap

Armored Up: Means all monsters have 2 armor in addition to their normal Armor stat.
Up Close and Personal: Means only monsters with melee attack may be used in battles.

Summoner Selection:

In this particular battle the summoner selection was not that important. I was trying to complete a water splinter daily quest and both of the water splinter summoners I own, Alric and Bortus, give magic buffs. This was a melee monster only ruleset so neither summoner would provide buffs that help me, so I went with Alric because he was listed first... Even though Bortus is a ninja turtle.

Monster Selection

1rst Position: I choose the Serpent of Eld for this position because of the dodge ability. Dodge increases the chances of evading melee or ranged attacks, this is really useful in a ruleset where only melee attacks are allowed. The serpent also has a decent melee attack at 3, a decent amount of health at 6, and above average speed at 4 which will also help evade attacks.

2nd position: I used my Wave Runner in my second position because it has 2 melee, 5 health and the reach ability which allows it to attack from the second position. In hindsight I should have used my electric eels because they have the same stats but electric eels costs 1 mana less.

3rd position: I put my feasting seaweed in this position to protect it from the frontal attacks and I wanted to utilize the opportunity ability. With a 3 attack and opportunity this is a nice card that will do decent damage to the weakest of my opponents monsters.

4th Position:
I choose the Parasitic Growth for position 4 because it is a little bit of a weaker monster in terms of health and I wanted to make sure it was protected from frontal attacks. I used the Parasitic Growth for the same reason as the Feasting Seaweed in that it has opportunity. 2 Monsters with opportunity really slash my opponents team.

5th Position:
I choose the kraken for this position because it has taunt and demoralize. I was expecting my opponent to use some monsters with sneak and or opportunity and was banking on the taunt ability to draw the attacks to my kraken. Demoralize is a great ability for an Up Close and Personal rule because it weakens the melee attack of my opponents by 1.

6th Position
I picked War Chaang as my rear monster because it has retaliate which gives it the chance of attacking its attacker. This is a great ability for the rear during an up close and personal rule because I have a greater chance of having my opponent use the sneak ability. I also like the ranged attack of the War Chaang because it has the potential to land an attack on my opponents tank every round.

My strategy worked pretty well for this battle. The Serpent of Eld made it through 2 of my opponents tanks. I was surprised it did so well against my opponents Goblin Mech.

Next time I try this line up I will put the Kraken in the 3rd position instead of the 5th to protect my opportunity monsters better and make them last longer.

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I very much tend towards the Chain Golem. He's such a beast!

Bortus IS a ninja turtle. But 'lowercase 'n' and 't' cause of those other similarly shaped amphibious creatures by the same name. 😎 I mean, no he's of the Tortesian people... nothing to see here...

This is the second battle I've seen where the Eld stands its ground (and even beats) the Goblin Mech. And Eld was level 2 and the Mech a 5! (same stats in the other battle too...)
For a while, the Gobin Mech was just a go-to, but I bet soonly we'll be favoriting other tanks like the Serpent of Eld. 😉

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