SplinterLands - Splinters - Summoners - Monsters - Explained – With Battle Play


Hello, My Dear SplinterMates,

In today's' Video I go on to explain all about What:-


When I was new to the amazing game Splinterlands - it took me a while to understand all these concepts/names which is: -

Splinters, Summoners & Monsters


In the Video - I walk you through all these terminologies which are quite often used in the SplinterLands game and I feel that if you are new to the game - this is the starting point and you definitely need to understand everything about Splinters, Summoners & Monsters....

And I talk more about it in this Video which I name..

Splinters - Summoners - Monsters - Explained – With Battle Play


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This is a great video! For your next one, I would turn off the background music or turn it all the way down. I did understand you though and thanks for such a great video to help new people battling! A 100% upvote is on the way from SM/Splinterlands!

Great job! ~@clove71