Splinterlands: last season's rewards


Seasons are really ending too unexpectedly. ;o)
I intended to play yesterday evening to get up to 1000 points (Silver III league) to obtain 12 reward cards later.

Then somehow I was distracted though and when I logged in to the game today the new season had of course started already and I had only received 9 cards.

What hurts even more: being back at Bronze II (400 points). It's so damn hard to get over 1000 at all ...

Those are my reward cards:

  • Exploding Dwarf
  • Silvershield Archers (3x)
  • Sea Monster
  • Highland Archer (2x)
  • Wood Nymph
  • Sea Genie

There's other cards I'm dearly hoping to get once as a reward, like Rexxie, the Divine Healer or the Clay Golem.
But this is maybe not happening and I might just have to buy them (which I'm not up to).

I have not found a way to use my DEC for buying cards so I will probably just keep on feeding my rewards to the guild's treasure.

At least I managed to win yererday's Life Splinter Quest. I'm not feeling too secure with this splinter yet.

P.S.: The first game of the new season sent me back to Bronze III. What a bad fortune.

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