I got a Halfling Alchemist airdropped!

7개월 전


The good news is that I got a Halfling Alchemist airdropped!

The bad news is that I bought 2 a couple of days ago. Still free is free so I'm definitely not complaining. Still no where near enough to get redemption but I'm hoping the price will go down enough for me to buy some to level up.

The airdrop was awesome but oh, how I wish it was gold! That would have been epic! I checked the price for a gold Halfling Alchemist and it's listed for $33.33! The non-gold one is around $1.422.

What would have made this card almost legendary though is if the mana cost would have been only 1 instead of 2. That one extra mana doesn't seem like much but it can make all the difference in how often I use a card.

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