OMG, I got 10550 DEC from a daily quest chest in Splinterlands!

7개월 전


Man, I love this game! So wildy unpredictable! I've been getting nothing but garbage cards, alchemy and legendary potions, and usually tiny DEC amounts from my daily quest rewards for a while now. Obviously, I wasn't expecting anything today, just hoping for some useful cards and then out of nowhere this game shocks me. It was the first chest too! The rest of the chests contained the usual mediocre stuff but the first chest made up for it! More than made up for it.

This is why you do your daily quests people, this is why! This is easily my best reward so far since I started playing Splinterlands. I watched a video of someone who opened up a gold Kron the Undying, and while this is no where near as good as that, it doesn't matter to me. This is the best reward I've gotten so far in this game so I'm good. I still really want a golden legendary though. Maybe the end of season rewards will give me what I want? Here's hoping!

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