I took 20th place in the Bitcoin.com Exchange tournament


Greetings, people from @steemmonsters, @splinterlands, @battlegames and @steemace

Today I was happy. I participated in the Bitcoin.com Exchange tournament and got a good place


If I'm not mistaken, I beat 3 opponents. When I got to the room, I lost 2-1. I almost got through it. If I had placed two cards in a different order during the battle I would have been able to pass and reach higher positions. But, it was worth the effort. The result was this:

Sem título.png

I was in twentieth place and won 2.5 $ in bitcoin cash.

Congratulations to @jacekw who came in first and everyone who participated

Have a good game!!!

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Nice, congratulation. I hope you will come next time to a higher place. I wish you luck:-)


thank you, man!!!