My daily splinterlands update (26/02/20)


Hi all,

This is my daily splinterlands update for the 26th of February 2020.

I have not been posting for months because i am lazy i guess, but today i just had to, because i pulled a gold epic card. This doesn't happen every day, and i love goldfoil epics, because i can immediately sell them, and then i can go shopping.

Don't get me wrong, i like goldfoil legendaries more, of course i do. But i don't really like selling the gold legendaries, because they are so special.

So, let's see which cards i got:


The manticore. Great melee attack monster, best used at the second position.

Other than that, I managed to get briefly to Champions III, and then all the way down to Diamond II again. It happens you know.

Truth is, I have not been playing very well, because I don't feel very well. I feel a lot of anxiety about things, and that distracts me. Hopefully, things will resolve soon, one way or the other.

So, do i have a best/worst battle to show? Of course I have.

My worst battle:


He used the cocatrice at the last position, and i just couldn't get rid of it. He also used double stun, with the Dwarven Wizzard and the Goblin Mech. Had i known, i would have followed another tactic, but it is all too late now.

My best fight probably was this:


Nothing too fancy, just a double sneak, with crystal werewolf at the back, although he wasn't needed in the end.

That's the thing; you just don't know your opponent's cards. Sometimes you get away with things, while other times you get outwitted.

Anyway, that's all for today.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Bye!

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