Mindblast Battle Report : Abra Kadabra

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Goblin Sorcerer is really good at sneak attack as he targets those who are hiding at the back. Most back monsters are usually weaker ones but if the player is an experience one then try to be careful in using Goblin Sorcerer as it might be an anti-monster.

With the low health of Goblin Sorcerer, you should maximize its capability and see for the good aspects out of him when using this kind of monster. It has an average speed when we based on its initial level but if you upgraded it to its maximum level then you will be getting a good additional magic attack from him and a very speedy attack.

He doesn't care about armors as it would probably make him slow. I usually add him to the ground especially when a magic type monster is really needed.



In this battle, I choose to be an Earth Splinter while my enemy chooses Death Splinter. Two battle modifiers are added on the battlefield, first is Aim True which gives the opportunity for both Melee and Range monsters will truly hit their enemy monsters without any missed attack. So choosing this type of monsters could be an advantage if this kind of battle modifier is active in battle.

Next is that no Legendary monsters will be used in battle. This will be a true measure of battle experience of the player as no dependents on strong legendary monsters anymore, instead, this could be a challenge for them to create the best strategy they got get without relying on legendary monsters.

Battle mana is set to 25 which gives us more options to choose average monsters.

As we can see the enemy is using mostly range type monsters while putting their trust to Haunted Spirit as it has healing skills. But with my current lineup aren't too sure if its Haunted Spirit could survive for long.

he also used Undead Priest to decrease the life of my monsters and also Furious Chicken that could hold off for the moment so he could protect its range monsters.

My Line Up

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I am putting my Goblin Sorcerer at the back, to ensure that it is more secure in the heat of the battle while sniping those threat monsters at the back. Its current level is surely enough that he could do his job in eliminating the threats at the back of the enemy lineup.

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I put Screeching Vulture in the second position as it could hold off as melee if ever the Gelatinous Cube will not able to survive. Aside from being a melee, it has both flying and Opportunity skill which makes him more deadly.

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I put Gelatinous Cube as frontline to ensure that it could stand for quite a while. With Gelatinous Cube defending, this could give the opportunity to my other monsters to target enemy monsters while protecting themselves.

Currently, I have not yet unlocked the full potential of my Gelatinous Cube but its Scavenger skill is truly amazing. This monster is truly a big blockage for the enemy, so I think I have the advantage of this battle.

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Magi of the Forest is placed on the third position as is could provide the necessary damage needed as a backup monster. It's 2 magic attack could be a good benefit in the battlefield so adding him would probably a plus.

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I always like the idea of using Halfling as this could be a good anti for those monsters that have strong attack damage. By putting them into have, then the enemy could have the advantage as most high attack damage is much expensive mana cost.

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Choosing Barking Spider as my second to the last monster as I do believe that its range attack could penetrate into the enemy's defenses. It could defend enough also at it has 6 life points which give it the opportunity of longer survival.

The Battle


At the start of Round 1, my Earth Summoner immediately tries to boost the life points of all my monsters but it was being countered by its Undead Priest. So no bonus health was given to my monsters in this battle.

My Vulture got a decrease melee attack damage as his Death Summoner debuffs all my melee monsters. But thankfully, I made the right choice to use only melee monster all else, my winning chance would be very slight.

My Screeching Vulture immediately finds its prey and killing the Furious Chicken instantly.

My monsters try to damage its Haunted Spirit but it has healing ability which giving more my monsters a difficult task.


In Round 2, my Magi of the Forest suffered damage coming from its OctoSpider which eliminates it. With monsters dead, my Gelatinous Cube continues to devour them and increase its max life points.

My Barking Spider was able to target a nice attack towards its Twister Jester which resulted to its exit on the battlefield.


At Round 3, another kill coming from my Screeching Vulture, eliminating another range type monster. At near end of the round enemy, the frontline went down so which resulted in its Undead Priest to replace in front. But with Undead Priest at no attack then it was a very easy task for my monsters to finish it off. The battle ended at Round 4 where last enemy casualty is its OctoSpider.

My Analysis

I have set up a good defense in the battle wherein the enemy is having a hard time on how they could remove my Gelatinous Cube in front. With tits Scavenger skill, enemy monsters do need some extra damage in order to overcome my Gelatinous Cube.

While I am seeing a good combo coming from both my Screeching Vulture and Goblin Sorcerer as they continue to penetrate the protected spots of the enemy.

The Battle

Full Battle: https://steemmonsters.com/?p=battle&id=84b0f7fa71419665a073663910ec565cc651691a

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