Mindblast Battle Report : Laughing Twist

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Twister Jester is one of the most used ranged attack type monster as it possessed good damage and has average attack speed. At its initial level, it has already attack speed of 3. Its snipe ability keeps targetting those enemy monsters that are either range type or magic type and is not in the first position. Most of the weaker enemy monsters are mostly positioned at the back, so using Twister Jester could be a good option.

If you could manage to upgrade it to Level 5 then you can use its Dodge skill which gives it more percentage on avoiding attacks coming from either melee or ranged monsters.



In this battle, there is only 1 battle modifier and that is all monsters lost their skills. Making all their skills not to be used, so there might be possible changes in your strategy knowing that only ordinary attacks are permitted.

In our frontlines, both of us use Haunted Spirit but both of them now are ordinary, making it vulnerable to attacks comparing if they have active skills.

We can see that he use Spirit Miner in the second position which has a powerful magic attack. In its third position, he used Furious Chicken which has no attack as probably he uses it as a shield protecting its two range magic monsters.

In the fourth position, we can see that Haunted Spider is there which kind of a threat to my monsters as it has 2 range attack damage while on its last position, is his Twister Jester.

My Line Up

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In the first position, I use Haunted Spirit as it has decent attack and damage making it more effective in frontline even if no active skills for now. As we can see my attack and speed are behind against his so there will be a mismatched against my Haunted Spirit with his.


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In my second position, I put Cocatrice even if it cannot attack. It has much faster speed than his Haunted Spirit so there might be a better chance that my Cocatrice could initiate first.

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I put Shadowy Presence in third position in this battle which will be used as a hold-off, making sure that my back monsters can still proceed on punishing the enemies.

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In my fifth potion is my Twisted Jester that could be a very effective ranged attacker. With its 2 attack damage, I am sure that he could help eliminate enemy monsters.

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In the last position, I put Dark Astronomer as its 2 range damage can also be used as good backup damage against enemies.

The Battle


At the start of Round 1, his summoner really punishes my Haunted Spirit wherein the attack from 2 was reduced to 1, making it inefficient against its counterpart. And on my side, my summoner manages to decrease the attack of both his Haunted Spider and Twister Jester.

Both of of our Twisted Jester do the first engagement but it seems that my Haunted Spirit is heavily damaged by his Haunted Jester and Haunted Spider. By that his Haunted Spirit made a quick overkill into it.


At Round 2, my Twisted Jester and Dark Astronomer try to punish his Haunted Sprit but the still able to stand on the battlefield. While my Cockatrice who just replaced the fallen Haunted Spirit was easily killed also.

Before the rounded end up, my Twister Jester able to eliminate its Haunted Spirit. His Spirit Miner made into the frontline. My monsters try to attack but it seems that his Spirit Miner was able to evade them.


In Round 3, my Fallen manages to deal 1 damage towards his Spirit Miner after several times it keeps evading attacks. His Spirit Miner able to eliminate my Shadowy Presence. After that, my Fallen Spectre arrived but his Spirit Miner also to eliminate it with a single shot.

After that my remaining ranged attack monsters were easily defeated.

My Analysis

I think I messed up with Cocatrice which jeopardizes the lineup that I am making. And at the same time the level gap of our Haunted Spirit is the main reason that I got defeated. I guess I need to check for possible options on getting a bigger level Haunted Spirit that I could use in battle.

The Battle

Full Battle: https://steemmonsters.com/?p=battle&id=b3e956d81975e1f8628564c8d4ffaa7560469f18

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