Mindblast Battle Report : Phantasm in Front

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Phantasm is one effective monster that can be reliable in many ways. As we can see it has already a flying ability on its Level 1 and have 2 damage and better speed also which gives him the opportunity to attack much faster.

What I like about Phantasm is that I consider him as an Anti range monster in which it has Return Fire skill on its Level 5 in which whenever it will get hit from a range type monster it will immediately return fire. And if you are able to maximize him to its full potential, you will able to unlock his third skill and that is Retaliate in which this can be considered as an anti-melee.

To think of its skill, we can consider him as one good monster in terms of a defensive way. With the combination of Return Fire and Retaliate skill, it is fully equipped to face the threats of both Melee and Range type monsters.

This monster is easy to collect so it would not be hard to collect the cards of this monster and combine it to a better level.



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In this battle, all range and magic do have snipe ability which means that it's better to use magic and range type monsters but still we need to be very careful to do the position in order to increase your chance of winning a battle.

The mana cap is 29 which is kind of an average to select big and average monsters that could you prepare and face the enemy on the battlefield.

As we can see, I have selected Phantasm to deal in the front as I know that he can be an asset in this battle. I have now a level 5 of him so the second skill will be very useful as the battle modifier gives more advantage to range type monster. Let's just see how things go for my Phantasm.

Serpent of the Eld is quite good at avoiding both melee and rage type monsters. But I am sure that my magic type of monsters will surely hit him hard. He places chicken on the last row which can be an additional monster for him.

The enemy got two range monster which has big damage but the best thing is that my Phantasm is always prepared whenever these two targets him. And lastly on the enemy line is a horny toad, which will serve as a backup melee for him.

My Line Up

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The main cast of this battle as he could serve as a defensive frontline. With my Phantasm current skills, I think he could manage to stay in the ground while doing some good damages in front of him. His speed and attack are a big plus to be to use him especially when battle modifiers that are in big mana cost.

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In the second position, I put Creeping Ooze as I know that he can be reliable in terms of his skill, which helps me slow down the enemies. By putty him in the second position could somewhat delay the enemy for a moment just in case Creeping Ooze will forward into the frontline.

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In the third position, I put up a much bigger life point magic type monster and that is Phantom Soldier. With this, I could sustain more and stay in the battle for quite a long time.

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In the fourth position is my Screaming Banshee which can be really helpful in terms of multiple damages. With its Blast ability, it could deal damage to adjacent monsters on the enemy monster targeted.

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In the fifth position, I put up my Fallen Spectre as it could help deal additional magic attack and at the same time protecting it from harm. It's Demoralized skill is the one that I am making it as my advantage as I can see there are two enemy monsters that will help drop their melee damages as well.

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And lastly, Soulstorm which can be really effective as I can see where it has a much faster attack speed and at the same time it's 3 ranged damage is the one I'm up to.

The Battle


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At the start of Round 1, my Creeping Ooze immediately decrease the speed of all enemy monsters and my Fallen Spectre take in-charge also on decreasing enemy melee attacks also. While my enemy's summoner directly decreases the magic attack of both my Screaming Banshee and Phantom Soldier but still I am still optimistic since I have the advantage.

My SoulStorm just got his first prey in which it instantly kills Coral Wraith with its 3 range damage. My Screaming Banshee really deals with some good damages to the monsters while my Phantom Soldier is deeply injured as he is the main target of the enemy monsters which leaves him to 1 health point at the end of round 1.


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At Round 2, another strike coming from SoulStorm as he gets another kill and this time its Azmare Harpoonist which has been a threat to many of my monsters due to its 4 attack damage. It's pretty amazing that my Phantasm was able to avoid the attack coming from Serpent of Eld while my Screaming Banshee just continues to punish the enemy with its Blast ability, killing the chicken this time and leaving Horny Toad with 1 life point as well.


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His Mantoid was able to destroy my Phantom Soldier while my Phantasm continues to evade attacks. For the third time, my SoulStorm kills Mantoid which leaves two more remaining enemies. My Screaming Banshee just got a double kill at round 3.

My Analysis

In this battle, my SoulStorm did well to lessen the enemy forces in each round which help me give a better advantage in the later rounds. And aside from that decreasing both melee attack and speed also put into my advantage as well.

The best thing is that my Screaming Banshee did a good help in decreasing the life of the enemy monster which gives me the opportunity to destroy my enemy in an easy way.

Full Battle

Full Battle can be seen here: https://steemmonsters.com/?p=battle&id=4385163ef636250a01bab3cb8f6517136ef8850b

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