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Captain's Ghost is one of the new addition of Splinterlands monsters in which I am still looking at how to use him effectively. But as I manage to use him it seems that I like how battles went well in favor of me. I am now using him more frequently now when needed.

With its initial skill Affliction, this could immediately suppress those healers to regain life. I would say that he is more like an anti-healer so whenever I think that the battle modifier most likely has enemy healer, then I would immediately use Captain's Ghost to face those healer monsters.

And if you ever make it to Level 5, you will able to unlock its second skill which is Oppress which is a very new addition also to Splinterland's skill. This is also a good anti for those who have no attack which prohibits them to stand out more during massive and long battles.

I would feel that he is more like a two in one monster which definitely be loved by players since he is a magic type monster which allows him to attack any position you want him to be. And aside from that when you unlocked its full potential, he may have now a 4 magic attack damage which can be more dreadful to enemy monsters.

Its speed may be a bit slow but still, I consider him reliable as he can still attack and retaliate which he has also a 8 health points. So take a look at this monster if you haven't used him yet as he can be your one of favorites when you able to use him more frequently.



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In this battle, only common and rare monsters are to be used while the mana cap is 46 which we can select those big mana cost monsters to have them faced in a furious battlefield. It's gonna be a rumble as more of them could be gigantic monsters and might tremble the grounds.

On my frontline, I use Sea Monster to be able to withstand the possible damages that it could inflict considering that most big mana cost monsters do have bigger attacks and have big health points also. With its healing ability, I know that he could be an asset to this battle as well as its 9 health points.

While he faces Undead Rexx who has no healing ability but has huge damage the same as mine. But I got the advantage in terms of speed making me attack first before him. Now on our second positions, I use Goblin Mech which will serve as a standby backup while on enemy side Sand Worm which can attack at the back. So I can see now that he has an advantage there.

In the third position, I put my Sand Worm to attack those range attack monsters of his. I am just curious why he put his SpineWolf in the third position as it cannot attack. Anyway, it's his choice. In my third position, I put Captain Ghost which can deal with a magic attack to enemy monsters and lastly I put up my two range type monsters. While on his side he put up also his two range monsters which both have a handy range attack damage.

My Line Up

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I put Captain's Ghost in the fourth position as I know that it can deal with good magic damage to its enemies. But since its Affliction will not be useful in this battle, I am relying more on its magic damage as he is the only magic type monster in my line up.

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Now, back to my frontline, we all know that Sea Monster is capable of handling the most difficult battles so I'm considering him to be a perfect monster to be on the frontline. With its healing abilities and good attributes, I am sure that he could also eliminate as many monsters in battle. Then survival for this monster is quite high since every round it heals itself.

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I then put Goblin Mech in the second position as he can be a good backup frontline just in case Sea Monster will not able to withstand damages taken.

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Now my Sand Worm is in the third position as he can be additional melee damage for me against enemy monsters. With its 6 melee damage now and 2 speed, I know how it can be a headache to my enemy as it has Sneak ability, killing those at the back that are hiding.

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In the fifth position, I put my Naga Wind Master as its ability can be a good asset to reduce the attack of those range type monsters. Even if he has only 2 range damage, still he has a good speed which gives him more chances to attack first.

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In the last position, I put my Water Elemental as it can be a backup healer to my monster while it has 2 range damage and has pretty good speed also.

The Battle


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At the start of Round 1, my Water Splinter Summoner helped boosts the magic attack of my Captain's Ghost while my enemy Summoner decreases the melee attack of my three melee type monsters. Still, I see that I have the upper hand even how debuffing affects me.

His Boogeyman slows down the speed of all my monsters which help the enemy engaged first. There were heavy attacks going on in which my Sea Monster was not able to keep up those damages and end up eliminated in very early rounds.

After my Sea Monster got eliminated, my Goblin Mech immediately retaliates and eliminate Undead Rexx as well. Enemy Sand Worm seems to inflict too much damage as it immediately destroys my Goblin Mech's armor. But thankfully, the Captain's Ghost is on the rescue as it throws a 3 magic damage which has been helpful.


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At Round 2, Sand Worm eliminated by the help of my range monsters while my Goblin Mech is nearly killed due to the tremendous damages given by my enemy's Octospider and Grim Reaper. My Goblin Mech got eliminated in the middle of the round wherein my only option here is my Sand Worm to defend the ground as much possible.

My Sand Worm just waited for the right moment and deals an overkill damage to Boogeyman which eliminates him instantly. After the Boogeyman was killed, the deduction of speed to my monsters immediately disappeared.


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At the start of Round 3, the Grim Reaper was not anymore able to engage in which its gonna be a free attack of my monster. The combo damage of both my range type monsters eliminates him. And lastly, the last enemy standing was killed by my Captain's Ghost.

My Analysis

First, my enemy has a good damage dealing melee monsters but the upper hand I got is that my monsters are much better levels which resulted in an end game advantage towards me. Both my two range monster and magic attack has been really helpful to give extra damages to my enemy each round aside from frontline melee type monsters.

Full Battle

Full Battle can be seen here: https://steemmonsters.com?p=battle&id=d59f16b256e3471a9215973b334f3d2549f6e2da&ref=mindblast

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