Trying Hard Drawing #6 Raging Impaler

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Ranging Impaler is from Splinterlands in Beta Edition. This monster is really a good melee attacker as it has already a Piercing ability on its initial level. With its Piercing ability, it can be lethal to enemy monsters. The attack damage will simply remove the armor if it excess and at the same time it will damage to enemy monster's health points.

If you manage to unlock at its Level 3 skill, I am sure that you will love his Enrage skill as it can help double its speed and damage if ever he got inflicted by enemy damage. He has a sustainable health point so he can still survive on those attacks but what really amazing is that it has already a 2 melee attack with 3 speed at Level 1.

This monster can really be powerful whenever you able to max level, as it has Shield making it stronger against Melee and Ranged enemy monsters. It would take around 46 of the same cards to be able to reached Level 6 at its maximum level. But the problem is that Beta is not anymore available directly in in-game where it makes it more expensive to have. Anyway, you have still in-game market where you can immediately look for a max level Raging Impaler for your convenience.

Based on the Splinterlands lore, this kind of monster is really dangerous as it can trampled you and crushed everything in its path. So avoid standing the way and Raging Impaler will surely crushed you.

Process of my Drawing


First, I started to make a sketch on its head and then working on the horn.


I then continue on its body and started to work internally in its details.


I then finish entirely the sketch for Raging Impaler.


I then trace it with a fine pen in order to make it bolder.


Started coloring the dark parts first.


I then finish the drawing of Raging Impaler.

About the card


Image Source

This monster card is nice to have as it can be a good frontline monster for your team composition. With its Piercing, Enrage, and Shield skill could possibly help change the course of the battle. Currently, we can purchase Raging Impaler for 17.10 dollars and I think it's a fair value for its optimal usage. So if ever you have enough funds and you are actively playing Splinterlands, I think you could check and compare this monster towards your active monsters as there might be a chance you will you like it.

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