Trying Hard Drawing #8 : Screaming Banshee

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Screaming Banshee is a good add-on to your team if you ever need a magic type of monster. With its Level 1, you will able to have 2 magic attacks and not so slow attack speed. But since it has a very low health point, you need to be very careful in placing this kind of monster to a better position on the battlefield so you will able to take benefit of its attack.

But the full potential of this monster can be unlocked at its Level 3 as you can avail its Blast skill which can damage multiple enemies which is a good advantage for you in every attack turn. So your job is to secure this monster with care in order for you to obtain a high chance of winning through this kind of advantage.

Process of my Drawing


I first initiate on making a sketch on its head first to help make adjustments on my sketch pad. Drawn internal detail in its head which includes its eyes, nose, and mouth.


I then continue on its hair side which is really beautiful to see.


After I manage to finish the sketching of the whole body of Screaming Banshee, I then continue to trace it with a fine pen in order to make it bolder.


I then first start with coloring on the exposed body which includes its hands with pink color.


I then continue to color its shirt with a combination of white and blue colors.


I then finish coloring Screaming Banshee which I see it very beautiful and colorful.

About the card


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This kind of monster is quite expensive but with its better use in battle, I would say that this kind of monster is worth your investment. A magic type user and with Blast skill, I think it would give you a better percentage of winning in every battle matches.

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