Trying Hard Drawing #9 : Serpent of the Flame

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Serpent of the Flame is one of my used monsters when it comes to Fire Splinter as I find it more useful especially it has a Retaliate skill which automatically prompts whenever get damaged from the enemy monster.

It has also a much faster attack speed and it has 9 health points, making the monster more effective to put in the frontline. It's Retaliate skill can be deadly to enemy monster also if ever you make it to maxed its level.

You can also unlock 2 of its additional skill Poison, which can be a good add-on attack from him every round. While at level 5, you will able to use its Piercing skill which can damage enemy health points if ever its armor is not enough to defend it.

Process of my Drawing


I first do work on sketching the head and put some details which includes the form of its mouth and its teeth.


I then finish the draft of the Serpent of the Flame.


In order to make my drawing clear, I trace it with a pen.


Started coloring the Flames first so I could easily segregate its colors.


I then continue to color Serpent of the Flame which is nicer to look at.

About this Card


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This monster card is quite powerful as it has armor whenever you make it to Level 2 and has 3 skills that can be useful against the enemies.

Currently, this monster is quite expensive in the market so if you think that you can use it better then I think you have a good bargain acquiring it.

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