Into the realm of the Manticore

2년 전

I actually think it's my first time participating in these share your battle contests! But with the manticore, I just had to hop in; one of my favourite cards! I love the dragon splinter, maybe because Daria is the only summoner I have maxxed... or maybe because I like fantasy stuff and dragons appeal to me!

So, curiosities about the manticore... did you knew that this creature comes from the persian mythology? It was said it had the face of a man, the body of a lion, and the tail of a scorpion (hum.... maybe she should have poison instead of thorns!). And the beast's favourite food? Men!

Luckily for us, in Splinterlands the only thing the manticore does, is to bash other team's monsters!
So, why use the manticore? Well.. because for only 4 mana, the skills are awesome!! So, let's see; a fully grown manticore has:

  • 9 health, for only 4 mana! (so, if no debuffs, a healer can heal 1/3 of its health every turn!)

  • 3 attack, 5 if you count its thorns when it goes against melee. Add it to Daria and you have 4 melee attack!

  • reach ability, so it's a perfect off-tank

  • flying ability, great to add a litle bit of dodge and perfect for the earthquake ruleset.

The only disadvantage for me, it's the slow speed. But all the abilities more than compensate. And in the battle I chose... the low speed actually helped!


The ruleset were no legendaries, and reverse speed. So good for the slow monsters. I went for the green team:

  • flesh golem is a good tank, great hp with heal and slow speed
  • manticore perfect for this strategy as the off tank, delivering more damage to the tank and able to stand as tank should the flesh golem fall.
  • goblin chef: love this guy! Almost no damage, but the affliction and poison normally win battles... as it was the case here!
  • wood nymph as the tank healer
  • screeching vulture to go for the weak opponents
  • earth elemental, good hp and heal, good to hold on the rear for a while in case the opponent used sneak attacks.

The opponent did use sneak attacks, and the rear was almost destroyed... but the goblin's debuffs kicked in early, enough to help clear a level 8 palladin, and from there, the manticore did its job!


Actually, my preferred rulesets to use the manticore are earthquake and little league; using a manticore with the fire squad and the speed buffs in little league does wonders! But I had no decent battles with manticores in those rulesets so far... so this battle had to do!

A word of caution, thow: don't be fooled by the might of this beast. They can be destroyed as well... sometimes even with little chickens!! 😂


See you on the battlefield!


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Welcome to the challenge!

And thank you for that note about the Goblin Chef. I don't really use him (because of lower attack), but am intrigued to think he 'wins' battles with his ability. I like this.

Nice post!