steemmonsters daily swear fest - LEGENDARY in diamond 3


wow - this one was BEASTY !!!

aannn - its water splinter for the daily


shit yeah,

it's the end of the world and I had a rocking daily

it's been a while since i kicked ass like today

even though my alric is only level 3 i guess my water splinter cards are fairly decent

try to stay safe fellow monster mashers ;)

The easiest way to help the broke carpenter is an upvote and maybe a resteem.

The next best way is to sign up for the fastest dex on the planet - bitshares -

Projects you may end up funding

  • Better Server
  • Better network equipment (better switch/router)
  • Better drives (need storage space on servers - thinking about a boinc node)
  • Future servers / vms / dev machines
  • Need to run a bitshares node
  • Need to run a steemit node
  • colocation = $650/mo
  • server = ???? (cluster @$5k/ea)
  • bills = $2k/mo

unemployment ain't gonna fix that

i got a few website/gamification ideas - but need to get network and nodes running better before jumping back to development environment

basic income

#life #of #a #broke #carpenter #posting #ulog #for #steemit #basicincome

© rxhector
peace ;)

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