steemmonsters daily swear fest - pfffft lost my ass today


sweet - battled it up to diamond 3

wow ???

totally fucking slaughtered all gold cards with some normies ;)

well, no fucking airdrop cards for me this go around

fucking christ - tryna do the weekly challenge and can't get a fucking match with more than 17 goddamn mana

and there's the shitty 4 in a row losing streak - right fucking back to gold

fuck fuck fuck

look - just got my ass stomped by all level 1's - WTF is going on today

annnddd another 6 in a fucking row losing streak - all i'm trying to do is get a decent match for the weekly challenge

look - just got my ass stomped by all level 1's AGAIN !!!- REALLY WTF is going on today

well, now i'm 100 fucking points away from diamond 3 - time to take a goddamn break - FUCK IT

took the daily in gold dammit

another day of shit cards on top of the shit losing streak

The easiest way to help the broke carpenter is an upvote and maybe a resteem.

The next best way is to sign up for the fastest dex on the planet - bitshares -

Projects you may end up funding

  • Better Server
  • Better network equipment (better switch/router)
  • Better drives (need storage space on servers - thinking about a boinc node)
  • Future servers / vms / dev machines
  • Need to run a bitshares node
  • Need to run a steemit node
  • colocation = $650/mo
  • server = ???? (cluster @$5k/ea)
  • bills = $2k/mo

unemployment ain't gonna fix that

i got a few website/gamification ideas - but need to get network and nodes running better before jumping back to development environment

basic income

#life #of #a #broke #carpenter #posting #ulog #for #steemit #basicincome

© rxhector
peace ;)

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No airdrop for me either :(


yeah, i only have 11 entries - so my odds are pretty friggin low

i'm just stacking $dec for the upcoming stuff -

i think the properties/crafting might be interesting - we'll see how it goes